Does low priority queue reset with new season?

I was wondering if I had to do my 5 games in LPQ or if I just had to wait for the new season to arrive and play without waiting 13 minutes 5 times ?

As far as I know season resets and updates do not remove LPQ.


Sorry for you, you just have to waste that time waiting, create a new account and remake your life or delete the game lmao.


Pretty sure u do not lose lpq after new seasons. Maybe your lpq streak might reset, but not your current lpq. Bad time to get it too at that caliber cause next update u will not be able to play ranked lol

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Sorry bud you only get a soft reset (theyl probably bring it down to 4-5 minutes) but thats not season based i believe you need to first get back to good karma.

What id recommend is starting up LPQ and then just focus on something else until the final 3 minutes


What on Earth are you doing to cause this?


I had to wait 15 minutes 5 times because my game kept crashing, and my mum kept asking me to do stuff. It went from me finishing two 7 minute ones, and just after someone must have said I intentionally lost or something because after I had 15 minutes, 5 times. hecc D:< . Needless to say, I was very tilted, especially since I had to wait 3 times the amount of time to play the game I wanted. Vainglory’s toxicity system weeds out people with internet problems and punishes them rather than actual trolls.

thanks dream <3


If you want to edit your post in the future, I totally cleaned up your quote above so you can just copy-paste it instead of going through it yourself.

You’re right, though, Vainglory’s toxicity awareness is lacklustre at times, but, it’s also automated and I doubt it can really figure out the separation between throwing a match/logging out on purpose, or suffering from severe lag. Having to leave because of your mother demanding your attention also kinda falls into the ‘leaving on purpose’ category, so it’s kind of your fault there, but not really so much. Do you see what I’m getting at?


i sort of understasnd. i need to make it clear that i woukld like an hour at least where she can’t tell me to do things? lol

and i really try to do it speedy but it seems that when other people leave they get more time before they count as afk D:< i know that it is really perspective but whyy

Listen Moooooom, I should be able to play Vainglory when I want MOOOOOOOOM

You’re not my Dad, Moooooooooom!


Have you ever tried talking to her about this. Explain it’s a time to decompress from your day.

i don’t think this is the thread for this but i tried once but it’s jsut a video gameeee

I’ll see your mum and raise you a wife. Good luck there lol…


I feel you. I miss pressing the accept button a lot when a game starts because I have the sound off and Im staring at the TV waiting for the long queue time or my kids are trying to get my attention. Ive had the 10min x 5 before and honestly its just worse because now im going to be watching TV or using the PC for sure and more likely to miss it now more then when I got myself into LPQ in the first place.

Erf so it doesn’t reset ?
In that case I ll just play blitz until it’s finished off, ty for answers
I got 13x5 for leaving game and inting btw xd, so it’s deserved

Playing blitz won’t work


It does too reset.

dirty 300000000000

Well deserved then, 15 minutes is serial offending!!

Well since there is no down time. Maybe not…