Does anyone play Heroes of the Storm

I have four codes for a free hero and skin, Raynor and the Commander skin. Unused, of course. If someone wants one let me know I don’t play the game. They’re probably valid, though I got them a while ago so it’s anyone’s guess

(I scratched the stuff off because it’s fun, but they are unused)


I dont play it anymore since the event where you got the Oni Genji and Officer Dva skin for playing it for a week.

Until they decided to let the officer dva skin be buyable :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.

Rip me downloading it and completing the OW events :mask:

My favorite hero was the lady who was in the suit and healed with a laser along with the global team teleport :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:.

Done with my tiny story and I dont want the code since I dont play it anymore

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Oh painted nails, I’m interested in how those all look, are the designs the same as your thumb one?

just those two, and the other hand is always bare since I can’t be bothered to paint with my non-dominant hand!


I’ve never played it myself, but I grabbed four of these little cards off of a con table figuring I could sell the codes on another site… until a mod shut me down because cross-site trading isn’t allowed :upside_down_face:

But why would they have cross-game events, don’t they have nothing to do with each other besides developer? Is HotS just doing that terribly??

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Oh nice simple design. Yea it’s hard using your non dominant hand, if you do simple things with your non dominant hand it’ll feel more better after awhile.

Why bother when you can just look edgy and low effort


Cuz symmetry

I’m a sucker for symmetry with few exceptions

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Very cool!

I have a friend who paints Mondrian designs on hers. If you’re into geometric stuff, you might dig that too:


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Oh cool, does she have a blog or gallery or something?