Does anyone like Caine as a ability user?

Pretty much throughout the game he switches from a AA type of hero to a A AA B ability hero. And that is what turns me off. SEMC pretty much say “oh those limitations we gave you? Yah you don’t need them” with his overdriven B.

Now don’t get me wrong. Its fun to have massive damage with ABA combo but its so repetitive since thats your main damage source.

The same way they turned Varya from a ability focused hero into a AA hero (which is confusing cuz we now have three aoe heros, Vox, Magnus, and Varya herself), I would love for Caine to shift more towards being a AA focused hero. And to lose that repetitive boring combo where he has infinite bullets.

Idk thats my two cents :potoo:

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Who got the time to use him when he is banned perm!


True tea :tea: also i just remembered i went with a match against you didn’t realize it until i saw your Profile Name :haha:

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I must be playing as malane. I hope that match did me justice :clown_face:

Giving a bullet system to a hero to later allow him to completely ignore it makes no sense. It’s what I hate the most about his kit and for me it’s just poor design of the kit, specially when it’s not even hard to abuse, it’s literally A+AA+C+B and repeat, time and time again until you or the enemy dies. It’s just stupid, but hey, what could i expect from the “awesome” balance they are doing?


Yeah, I think the ability to near constantly use B late game sort of breaks how he is meant to be played.

In the mid game Caine plays really well. There is a nice trade off between using his A, or the more reliable basic attacks, and in general he’s probably one of the highest skill cap, most compelling snipers in the game.

Imo they should reduce the cooldown scaling on his B to be 18s at all levels, except overdrive where goes to 16s. If you opt into a Spellsword or other cooldown you can still achieve the late game playstyle you get now, but that’s a choice.

Another issue is I’ve found, is that early game using his A is almost a negative since it’s base value is lower then Caine’s base attack damage, and you have the potential to miss. I’d like to see the level 1 damage bumped up, but the finale damage kept the same.

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Good to know that Im not the only one who thinks that.

His A should be a utility ability that helps aid the hits of his AAs not become the prime damage aspect of his kit. And his B…

Thats the ability which is allowing Caine to be toxic. It shouldn’t refresh 6 but almost 3. And It also shouldn’t reset the CD of his A and C :mask:

I would love for him to lose the triple bullet fired and improve its slow utility in his kit.

I still think my idea for a reload mechanic hero is better.

No hehe actually…umm- i was the malene :face_with_hand_over_mouth: you were grace

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Now I remember. I was so pissed. But i believed we won… right…:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I think we won… Can’t remember…and can’t go check since there’s no API hehe


I see. But nevermind. :relieved: i am still the best malene player :clown_face:

I’m not sure about that … :thinking: hehe :haha: :