Does Anyone Here Still Play VG:CE?

Just wondering. Maybe if I recognize your name I’ll go easy on ya :upside_down_face:

But in all seriousness, anyone on these forums still play? I’ve seen a few unique names, not to mention all the temporary players and the guests.

ALSO wondering if anyone’s heard anything about how VG is doing in the regions it didn’t shut down in (china, maybe others if I’m not mistaken)

And as a side topic, who do you think is the most overall busted hero for CE’s meta? I think it’s Tony. He got buffed before everything went down and I’ve kinda been abusing him since when I really want to win.

Build: PS, BP, BS, SH, AS, (last varies but I go for SSW, and yes as usual, I don’t use boots on certain heroes)


Tbh, I haven’t played in quite a while. The last time I did, I was getting a lot of rubber-banding, and as I was playing Gwen, it made my life very frustrating. Soon after, League’s Spirit Blossom event started, and I was totally absorbed by my quest to complete that (and to get Ahri to Mastery 6), so I haven’t been back to VG since.

I have heard ZERO about VG from anywhere, sadly. All my usual sources of news have dried up, and of course, SEMC hasn’t said anything about the game since the announcement that they were “pausing” work on it.


Tbh other mobas just filled in the hole that VG left so I really don’t plan to return (or plan) to VG.

But back when I last played it, a little before CE news, the game was unplayable for me with the high constant ping.

However the moment they add partys back into the game, my old group already planned for all of us to do a get together.

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Yeah my main moba rn is smite. Having a lot of fun with it rn

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Nekreirypt (or NekreiryptNA), I play in EU and NA.

What do you mean by “shut down”? In China the game is the same as EU, NA, SA etc: community edition.

Ah okay, so you guys from here at least have completely moved on for the most part! Well I was just wondering, because there seems to be a few newer players on, and I see new unique names pretty often (mostly political or crass but still).

One thing I can report on the game is that I haven’t had any issues lately, with pretty much anything. It’s all been running smoothly since they fixed whatever was causing people to get stuck at the accept match screen.

I still play because of all the reasons anyone would play, but also since I mostly game on mobile, to the point of using emulators and stuff, and since I still work, and not from home, its still an adequate mobile time sink from the job and away, when you can get interesting matches.

@Nekreirypt It is? I had thought that in China, there was some agreement for development to be separate and new content to continue to be added.

@RiseChu Odd point on the party thing. I’ve noticed interesting developments in the game. There are odd discrepancies on server side between certain players access to content . Most players have stock skins, access to hats, pings, and no talents. Some heroes have access to skins, talents, sometimes both. I lost access to taunts at one time. It’s weird. Also, I’ve noticed from time to time that some players seem to be partied up with each other. Example: I played a game with a duo who both had similar names, a really crass name but nonetheless, each had an ending variation. Now these two always ended up in the same game together. Almost always. With a random matchmaker.



Is 3v3 playable at all? My enthusiasm for the game evaporated when they removed 3v3 casual, but if 3v3 ranked isn’t full of tryhards, maybe it’d be worth giving it a shot again.

I haven’t really ventured into 3v3 much. It seems like most people play blitz, especially since the accept screen issue. I’d have to look into it more and get back to you. I do know people play other modes. I’ve tried 5v5 once or twice maybe, but I usually stick to quick blitz games just to get a quick match in on a break, and if I’m home it’s still the most entertaining way to play for me, in terms of testing out builds and interactions and stuff. Furthest I usually go is ARAL since the consistency of performing teamates went down the drain. I don’t like 20 minute slogs with teamates who don’t learn from their mistakes. :man_shrugging:

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Are there still talents in Blitz?

Yeah well thats the thing. Some people have access to them. Some people don’t. I think it’s a server side thing, or maybe people with higher privilege or something, but most people you encounter do not have talents, and the number you do is less and less every day. It can make some matches just lopsided and it was really bad during a period of time when everyone was spamming Ylva and whoever had the Ylva with talents on their team was winning, but that happens less nowadays.

I had a match with talented Sang Feng the other day and my team had no talent users. Not fun.

Oh and also I don’t think it matters what you pick in terms of ranked or casual. Everything seems to just be random…mostly.

Whoa. I thought that issue had been sorted a while back :man_facepalming: That’s unfortunate.


Well its the same thing with skins. Also as mentioned earlier I’ve seen weird things go on like people seemingly partied up and always playing with each other so…odd things do happen.

But I can safely report I haven’t really had a buggy/laggy experience and that you can still get a few interesting matches.

Oh. And people are more polite with their pings usually. Not their names though.

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The accept match screen thing was a problem with the NA server. They fixed it a week ago.

No, China went CE recently too.

All players have access to everything. It’s just that there is a bug with the client:
1A client allows you to change skins and talents. However you can not change the username.
1B client allows you to change your username, and it should’ve allowed you to select skins or talents like 1A too, but due to a bug that they never fixed, you can’t do so.
So you need to make a choice, 1A for skins and talents, or 1B for the username.
Technically, you can use talents in 1B too. Go afk at the start of a match, and a bot will select a talent randomly for you.
I don’t know what happened with the taunt thing though.

That’s called sniping. There are so few people left playing vg that if you queue at the same time 99% you get in the same match. Otherwise, people decline/dodge and try again until they meet (many people do so until they are on the same team too).

3V3 ranked does not have draft, it is casual. It’s against low elo players most of the times in any game mode.


I still play VG a couple times every other day or so. I play any mode and my username is “ImGarbage”. I play it when I get bored of pc gaming or after I finish my work for the day just to pass the time.


I play blitz every once in a while when i am bored.

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I sometimes play Aral, since I can pick it up and play during short breaks like about 10 minutes.

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Hello you fine folks. I installed and hopped on to check in. Hearing Joule shout “Coming through!” Made me smile. I love her voice lines.


Hey there! Glad you reinstalled. It’s still very fun to play.

I don’t play vg anymore. I’ve been unable to replace it either. It’s likely the last moba I’ll ever play, and will always have a special place in my heart.

It was a really special game — the depth of play and the obvious passion with which it was created made it unique among mobile games.