Does anyone have the chronological lore order?

IDK what section I should put this, but I just saw a Youtube video summarizing the hero ties. The video was really well-done, but I feel like it doesn’t do everything justice. I’m going to come out of my comfort zone and actually READ :face_vomiting: because I’m bored.

The “Vainglory Hero Lore, in order so far” page is alphabetical? Which is like… uhm. The “incorrect order”, I assume. Is there a hidden ordered list for the lore somewhere?? Thanks.

I remember seeing it in the OG Forums, however the chronological order hasn’t been updated since 2016.
Here is the link, though.

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Thanks. It’s a great start at least. :ok_hand:

Look at sugarvenoms twitter account. She posted the chronological order a while ago…

SugarVenom’s post is of similar age and doesn’t actually list them in chronological order like the one Moose referenced.

Btw, it’s infinitely more helpful to post a link to what you’re talking about rather than just telling someone to do a search.

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I don’t use twitter myself I sometimes come across direct links hence no link from me…