Dodging me because iam bad ?!

a guy was in the enemy team he first picked vox and i responded with baron 3v3 game
so we have the last pick jungler , the guy in my team picked something probably he thought he can play it , he got snowballed and i have no idea how , he supposed to snowball
so gg as early game baron i couldnt do anything and top of that the vox bought slumber husk early after finishing 2 items .

the whole enemy team comp counters me as early game baron

when i got matched with the vox , he dodged and said something mean in the chat (like you suck and i destroyed you) , like hows one game make you decide that i suck and you can dodge me , man you bought slumber husk while iam being snowballed , come on

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It’s hard to defend against a Vox on lane… Idk what your Jungler is doing, but I feel like he could have done better

I haven’t seen a Baron win for weeks on end. Pick Baron=loss.

Pick as good Baron=maybe win…
But yeah, baron is pretty underwhelming

He is squishy and his damage is mediocre at best. Any WP carry is better than WP Baron and any mage better than CP Baron. You can get Lucky with CP Baron in a team that tanks and ccs for you.

Baron has no real CC except for a minor slow and no mobility whatsoever. He is the most team reliant carry in the game…

based on your telling ur jungler should pick a good early game jungler and starts with sniping vox
but most of players are toxic!vg is a team player game it doesn’t mean there is a best player in the world that can win every games

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Really?Then can you teach me how to deal with a cp baron,cause I hate to face him more than any other mage in the game.
Also jump jets give him very high mobility,blocks crowd control and has a very low cooldown if you keep basic attacking or landing mortars with clockwork.

I think cp Baron is sleeper meta. Short CD on A’s with a CW, huge AoE burst damage, a jump and global ult – the only thing he’s weak to is dive but then again many mages are.

I personally know a One Trick CP Baron who carried himself SOLO to POA in both 5v5 and 3v3. I knew him since he was in scrub tiers.

His AOE damage is just too hard to ignore while pushing Lane and is so far behind that he’ll be the last to get attacked. once he has SG and CW it’s just endless motars. Keep adding CP items after that. Not to mention the free global ult kills.

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I sidestep his mortars with regular movement and then I murder him. Just walk up to him and slap him. Malene kills him so do Kestrel and CP Idris…

Exactly,this guy gets my pain dealing with cp baron…

Know his zoning range and step outside each mortar and his damage is horrible.

Well i hate wp baron and i should went cp but the jungler wanted to cp so I went wp , iam ok with getting snowballed its the way to stop wp baron late game , but that doesn’t make you as a vox to be the best player and dodge me , your team did everything for you , you just got great teammates nothing much

I really don’t get it too. Some players judge you out of your standing from a single match. Like one match doesn’t say it all. You could’ve bad team mates, bad connection, trolling team mates, forced to use a hero/role you don’t play as, no team synergy, etc. …a lot of factors to consider. Well, let’s just understand that some people really just are the way they are. :slight_smile:

this is some simple maths.
do you want to play with someone you know as “bad”? or do you want to roll the dice once again and maybe get a really good player?
why should you try to find out what the problem was, when you can have a normal player instead?
if at least half of the players in your tier are “good”, rerolling the dice is always the better choice. after all, the players want to have fun, not work on giving someone else a second chance.

The other guy in that match who snowballed the jungle got matched with me after that game and we won games together , i can understand if he said a bad baron , but he said bad player , how come a pick that needs teamwork to work considered bad if the team not working together , i was the whole game 1v1 vox in lane nobody helped and couldnt farm , and got ganked 6 times and nobody helped , how am supposed to carry the game , you put someone in horrible situation and you expect them to do things not going to happen.

Now can you explain to me why he bought a husk early if he thinks iam bad ?
Iam the only burst damage in my team ? And he had no defense but husk ?
The husk was the best thing he did that game , i cant burst him down so they snowballed and made sure no comeback, he wasnt the real threat that game , the jungler and roamer did everything he was a cleaner got the kills from kill stealing .

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