Do you play on a phone? How is the mini-map treating you?

I’ve almost gotten used to it being on the other side (which I hate) but I’m running into a more serious problem now. Pinging the map directly is REALLY hard for me. Like I can’t really do it accurately at all. Is my left thumb just dumb? Anyone else having issues pinging on the minimap while using a phone?

(i’m on an iphone 7, the smaller model)


It’s been terrible trying to adjust to the new left-side map.

And pinging in a hurry always pings random location. And using the teleport boots is soooo clunky. These get easier to do with freecam. But I don’t like playing with freecam on.

And sometimes the tap goes through the minimap… And my hero moves towards top-left.

It’s gonna be rough.


These are exactly my frustrations. I’m glad it’s not just me.

I wish they’d let us choose the side the mini map is on.

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Ok I think this might genuinely be a bug. I was going to bring it up in the OP but assumed I was just missing the map or fat fingering it. But I have had it happen enough times that with the addition of your statement I have to wonder if it’s actually a bug.
@hazeleyes were you saying this happens to you as well?

Not just you… similar problems for me. I’m using an iphone 6, and I still use the map the same way I did in 3v3 - that is, without the free camera option. Maybe that might solve my issues, but for now, the map is a little iffy, but not terrible. About 1 in 15 times I’ll miss the map and tap to move my hero backward by accident (usually happens when I’m trying to pan down bottom lane). For pinging, I’ll miss the map at about the same rate, so instead of tossing a ping in top lane, I’ll stupidly tell my team to group up at the gold toad oak.

I’d like to see a couple auto-pings synced up to other actions, the way “on my way” was auto-triggered a while back when you ported. We should have a few branched options in the comm system. Let’s say you have attack and defend with drop-downs for top, mid, and bot. Selecting any of those automatically sends a “go” or “group-up” to your most advanced turret in the relevant lane (defend) or the enemy’s closest in same (attack)… hmm… more to think about here.

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Yup same here, it’s really clunky

It has to be bugged right? “Post must be at least 30 characters”

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Also on an iPhone 6s. The map is too big and can make for positioning mistakes but too small for accurate pings.

SEMC neeeds to shrink/remove the items in the bottom right corner and tweak the view. The ? Ping should go on the matchup board and the other 3 should go in the corner.

I haven’t noticed something like a bug, but maybe I’m just too trusting and self-effacing. By “similar problems” I was just referring to mistaps and fudging up the map panning.

I use my galaxy tab 4 to play vg, too hard on phone for me

Pinging is near impossible on a phone on the 5v5 map. I either ping way off or ping on the actual map and not the mini map. Something I would like to see is the option to enlarge the map temporarily so you can make precise pings.


The question now is SEMC aware of the minimap issues on phones? Cause it’s causing issues that probably give tablet players a big advantage.

Mostly have problems with pinging on the map it never on the right place and teleport boots are impossiblely hard to use without free cams.

Well I messed it up so much that I just stopped directly pinging on the minimap.
I just use one of my thumbs to look around using the minimap the way we used to do in 3v3, then I select a ping and ping it.
You can never mess that up, and tho it takes like 1-2 seconds more, it’s very precise so all good ig…

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I don’t like how the position of the minimap made it separate from the strategic pings. It’s harder to ping on the minimap now. I have to use both my hands for pinging in the map.

I just dont like how when I ping to a location, sometimes the ping will just end up on base or something like that

This happens every time. I am certain the pinging is bugged. I just played a game and saw hitting anywhere but the middle 30% of the mini map resulted in a click on the ground for movement or a totally inaccurate ping.

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It is not accurate.I even have issues on my 8.9" tablet…

Free camera you need two hands. One finger on the map at all times and the other hand for normal movement and skill activating.

Playing on phone is way too inaccurate for me. My thumbs are too big. The amount of misclicks increases tenfold…

Bro tablet is not better in this.

It’s not working as intended then. @idmonfish you’re practically a Dev right? :stuck_out_tongue: they aware of this?