Do you play more than one MOBA? Do you play many of them? Would you recommend others to the forumers?


Just curious to see who plays what.

I know we all likely play many types and genres of games, but I’m curious to see if any of you dabble in / enjoy / love other MOBAs.

I highly recommend DotA maps on Warcraft 3 to every and any moba player and aeon of strife but maybe I just like my classics. Dota2 is also worth checking out

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I also highly recommend DOTA on warcraft 3.

I feel like, it is a right of passage for Moba players that they need to play Dota first. lol.
it would solve so many problems.

Being a DOTA fan for so long, I believed all the hype that LOL can’t compare, but recently downloaded it to try, and i must say, it is really fun… like really fun… highly recommended.

-.- i’m converted to the darkside.

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The right of passage is aeon of strife on StarCraft DotA is the evolution

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DOTA is the one that resembles the current 5v5 maps that all Moba’s have adopted. Hero scaling, Creep deny, jungle shop.

Night and Day. So many concepts came from DOTA.

Feeding the Scorpion King to instantly delete the entire enemy team in one ultimate. So good.

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DotA introduced jungle, extra player, and abilities how they but the core experience is best judged from aos at least 2 games than DotA

The only other MOBA I play is League of Legends and I wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone at the moment because of the community and game play.

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LoL has always been iffy on the gameplay side. It focuses on ability spam

I play smite, still learning about it tho and it’s oh so many gods. Always liked mythology and it does play somewhat differently from other mobas which I like that it does

Really? I’m having tonns of fun playing it. I highly recommend League of Legends. Such diversity of heroes. Jungling is actually fun. Killing is fun. Heck, even dieing is fun.

Shopping is fun. It’s like going to a giant supermarket on Christmas day. So much choice.

The artwork is great. The free hero rotation is nice. What’s not to love? Maybe because I’m in Oceania? people hardly chat. they just say stuff like, top, bot and mid. that’s it.

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smite mid-lane scuttle crab intensifies

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The creativity behind League’s heroes astounds me. As well as the thought behind some heroes’ toolkits. It’s incredible what those people pump out. That being said, some heroes are definitely super ‘meh’, and there’s more variety simply because of their sheer amount alone.

I do not disagree that DotA is the definitive MOBA in many regards, but there are design choices in later MOBAs that are certainly pertaining towards the modern player that I think work better. In terms of desktop MOBAs, I couldn’t ever choose one over the other. Save for Heroes of the Storm - it’s SO fun, but let’s be real - it’s Blizzard. It’s hard to swallow. I believe DotA feels more like an adventure than League does. League is a battle, they’ve made the feeling of that very prominent.

I’m recently getting into SMITE, as well. It’s my least played of the MOBAs I currently do play, but I honestly quite enjoy it. The “God” theme at first felt pretty lame, but playing the game enough to see past it for how fun it is sold me enough.

what’s your favourite LOL hero?

I’m currently into illaoi and LeBlanc. i find melee heroes who just snowball just no fun to play. Medium skilled heroes are what i like.

I tried Fizz because his description is “hard” and has potential to do massive damage, but he’s a little too hard -.-

I main Lux, Katarina, Jhin, Evelynn, and Irelia. The very few Champs I enjoy playing.

I haven’t been playing LoL for very long, and so I can’t say who is my favorite of the entire roster - I still have a long, long ways to go.

That being said, my current favorites are Swain, Xayah, and Jhin. I’m trying to find my two home positions at the moment, it seems I’m better bot and mid than I am top and mid. I’m slowly moving my way through the roster as I grind up BE to afford new heroes.

I have a preference to medium to hard in terms of skill. My favorites at the moment though are all mediums.

I would recommend league but the current jungle changes are god awful, so no. But overall it’s a fun game with nice lore and characters.

Pyke hype


come bacc to SEMF
also, league is fun except burst and CC in the game are insane. you get deleted in less than .2 seconds against a fed assassin sometimes >.<

Being deleted in league is Less likely than Vainglory, due to the “no walking through” mechanic. With the exception of certain hero abilities, you can’t go through monsters, heroes, minions and the one thing that is like vainglory, turrets.

I find it much easier to stay alive in LOL. Just make sure you always have something to hide behind.

Also, I find league much more team oriented. As long as you have 1 fed assassin, it doesn’t matter if everyone else is doing shit.

The jungle mechanics are great, free vision for those who get to the plant first, free healing and plenty of hard monster challenge. The jumping plant is also really cool.

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give lonk

also I like playing assassins, well mainly just Zed fizz or ahri

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mage counter dum >:(

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