Do you guys feel like you get to max lvl too fast?

Most of the games that I play in 5v5, everyone is lvl 12 at around 2/3 of the game, and then the game is not really about being overpowered, but more about skills. The items is a little later, but there’s not much to play around with after you’ve filled your inventory. Anyway, that’s just my opinion, and I wanted to see if anyone felt the same.

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Same in 3v3 most hit max level around 2/3 of the way into the match.

I will say I find laning harder in the game, what’s a decent CS in 5v5 can’t be as high as 3v3 surely?

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Same here getting good cs is hell in 5v5…

The level cap being reached is fine because I need that overdrive rather sooner than later.

Junglers reach their level cap way earlier than laners.

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how long do you guys think is a full game tho?

My average games are around 25 minutes.

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So people reach level 12 at around 16 minutes? Is it everyone or just a few people

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16 minutes mark would be fairly accurate for my games at least… I quite enjoy counter building items in the late game and seeing how my skills match up.

it’s really the only way one can gauge true skill from a battle…

any games that finish earlier than the 16 minute mark is a definitely attributed to teamwork or a lack of.

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Between 18 and 28 minutes…

I think that it takes 15~16 minutes to see at least one person reach max level, but it can take 20~25 minutes for every one to be at max. The first person to reach max level is usually someone who jungle, or carry a lot.