Do we really need triple ban? What do you think?

I think we really need triple ban, i dont know but right now it seems that total 6 heroes ban fit the 3.4 patch draft pick, especially in competitive scene, lets discuss about it :slight_smile:


Not yet.
If we had triple ban, RIP interesting drafts. When I’m playing in a 5 man it’s pretty common for us to let something that’s perceived as OP get through draft (e.g. Fort) so we can counter it with some sort of unusual pick (e.g. Reim).
Plus, triple ban would mean instead of 2% of the time, I would get Kensei 0% of the time. I’m literally a one trick weeb master at this point stop banning my guy ):<


No because only people who are bad at drafting will need it. I personally like the four ban draft a lot despite it bamboozling my 3v3 drafting skills because there are so many mind games to be played. Having triple will just get rid of OP/strong picks. I want to outplay the enemy in draft and make them suffer in game, last update I did it and people dodged but now I got Kensei 5 times.

Ranged WP Carries: Ringo, Gwen, Vox, Tracer, Skye, Kestrel, SAW, Barron, Adagio?

With 6 bans, you could end up with a ranged WP pool of SAW, Barron, and Adagio.

VG has 41 heroes with 4 bans which is about 10% of the pool. Dota 2 has 115 heroes with 10 bans which is about 10% of the pool. I think we would need a hero pool closer to 50-60 before we see a 6 hero ban.


I honestly think triple band can work with the third ban being after each team picked 3 heroes. It will make more interesting drafts than not imo

Until we have like 60+ heroes then I say hell no man.

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Maybe in a couple updates when we have 4-5 more heroes. For now, no.

Yeah I agree, wait until we have at least 60 heroes.