Do we need a 4th ability for each hero

Just comment yes/no here and maybe why you (don’t) like it. If you guys love that idea I’ll start working on them

you can’t work on them unless you work in semc, right?

imo, … no


I’ll give my ideas to SEMC. Do you really want 4th abilities or not?

No we don’t.
The hero design is fine as it is - if they want to give some heroes more or less abilities that is fine but the current heroes need no rework.

It would also cause serious ui problems.


I can’t even think of another ability for most heroes, not saying we need a 4th ability but what would you even do?

no. imagine, that’s at least 37 new abilities, all having to follow the theme of thhe character, then imagine the balancing, then how much time they’d need to put on working on that rather than working on other problems that can be more easily adressed. then imagine needing to remember everyone hhas a new ability that we need to take into account, imagine rank when everyone has a new unfamiliar ability
vg is already fine enough with 3 abilities.

I think it would be better to give balanced effect on overdriving an ability instead of 4th one. That will be huge work tho, but when implemented and balanced, can make more variations in how heroes play, more choice and so on.


Agreed several skills like glaives bloodsong will never be overdrived because it is just not worth it. The active skill part needs a rework/big buff.

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No we dont need it.

I want semc to create a hero whose a different ulti depends on its build. What I mean is if the hero builds 200 WP, the ulti is melee style or short range attack. While when it builds 200 CP, the ulti is very long range like mage.


i-idris? his ult is kinda like that

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Umm no… But if they can rework some useless ability like Flicker’s A, Ardan’s B, Glaive’s ult, WP Joule’s ult that would be nice

how about we rework u thx. his a is fine


flicker a is legendary
it’s absolutely very very far from useless

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I remember Excoundrel said Flicker A is bad, unreliable. In fact I think the radius is so small that even if ur slowed by his B, you can just side step to easily dodge it unless its a choke point

note to self: take excoundrel’s words as if they’re god’s own words


and then it does exactly what you want to do with it. you force your enemies to move in a certain direction.

Ok this is offensive. Nice community lol
My point is. I know its a zoning tool but the radius is so small its not effective.

Agreed - can we please all disagree civilly but treat others with respect.

Flickers A is interesting - as you say its often low impact but when it has impact its huge - I love playing Flicker as a pest and landing the A is a huge part of that. I have also stolen countless jungle camps away from the enemy using his A.


his a is a very potent harass skill
low cd low mana
the root is only a bonus
it works wonder in many situation
i always overdrive it asap


Idris changes his basic attack based on his cp/wp and not his ult.