Do not surrender in 5v5

I have had several games when my team wanted to surrender(3 to 2) but two of us(one being me) said no. In most of these games, we go the upper hand and pushed mid lane while doing that, got an ace because they come at us 1 by one to 2 by two. With that and sometimes backclaw, we push and win.

I just did a game when we had 27 kills, they had 51. They had 73.8k gold we had 68.6k gold. We had 5 turrets they had 8. it was 25 minutes long. And we got blackclaw and pushed mid lane, killing the enemy team. And all of our mid lane turrets + armory was destroyed. I thought we were going to lose, the other team had gwen and koshka. I was celeste though so,.

The point is, 5v5 is much different from 3v3, and you can recover from getting demolished early game. So don’t surrender unless one of your teammates is afk. I thought we were going to lose at the start just by looking at the lineup, and we won. :slight_smile:

Another thing, why does the forum have a black background now. It used to have a background of the Storm Queen. RIP


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Also, I can’t say how many times the game has been easily winnable and someone spam surrenders. One time, my team surrendered because enemy got Blackclaw and they were all at our armories… while I was hitting their Vain crystal as Saw.

Heartbreak is surrendering and THEN watching their crystal explode.


I agree with not surrendering!

I cannot count the times my team was way behind all game, crushed by the enemy at every turn. One good teamfight or objective take can be all thats needed for the W.

There are so many tactics to use to come from behind and win.

I think once everyone gets the hang of 5v5 we should see less surrenders overall and more recognition of what can be done to win when behind.


A lot of players don’t understand what powerspike is or/and what late game hero means. :slight_smile:

I hate that you only need 4 votes to surrender. So frustrating when we’re behind 1k in gold and people spam surrender because they unleash blackclaw. Change it to 5 votes please…

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Just completely remove surrenders from 5v5 please. I don’t want randoms cutting my match short because they don’t build any defense for the enemy Taka. #TribeNeverSurrender

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That sounds really rough. Looks like you had extremely tunnel visioned allies…

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taka lol. you know he is perma banned in every game I play. If taka wasnt banned someone messed up.