Do bot matches count as practice?

Quest chest today was “Kill 60 monsters with Skaarf in any mode but practice or ranked”. I played two bot 5v5 matches to get it over with quickly and ended both with CS of around 80. None of it counted towards the chest. I re-logged in before I tried a blitz match with Skaarf, and those kills counted.

Is it bugged? Do bot matches now count as practice?

Solo bot matches are practice. Bot matches when you’re in a party are not.

EDIT: correct information is below in @Xaldarian’s and @Tamaticon’s posts

I had a Quest that didn’t trigger because Blitz was counted as Ranked play…

I use solo bot matches all the time to trigger quests…

The only thing you can’t trigger is specific stuff like pvp kills or do this do that in standard…

i do that as well. hero specific quest tell you to do them in a bot game, if your unfamiliar with the hero

You guys might well be right – sorry, I was thinking of earning guild fame & sunlight, not quests.

(I only say “might well be right” because I’ve not tested it. I do believe you guys, though!)

EDIT: Tested it, and it turns out that you currently get all rewards (including sunlight) except for guild fame when you play a 5v5 solo bot match. Good to know!

i have encountered this bug as well. unfortunately, I din’t think to restart the app, to fix it. only happened once tho. Not really too major.

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Yeah, it was one of the ‘do it in a bot match if ur bad’ types so I thought I could get it over with easily. (I did, I went 28/1/~8 on one of them :grin:) but it still didn’t count…

I do those in bot because they can’t be played in ranked and I never ever play casual…

So those quests are impossible to finish otherwise…

well, thats how i got to sunlight level 50 last patch.
go blitz bot, buy some wp and camp at the jungle minions (tell your hero to attack them once and come back in 5 min to collect your win). in the meantime i could do other stuff i wanted to do, like really ineffectively clean my room.