DIY Cabinet for my Sim

I had some spare plywood lying around in my basement. Decided i should make the best use out of them.

After 3 or so hours of watching woodwork related videos, spending some cash on power tools that i would never use again and injuring myself in the process of making this marvelous thing, here is the end result

Behold, my masterpiece

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Don’t Laugh I tried my best


there’s this thing called Shermaika. More commonly knows as lamination sheets overseas but couple of sheets, plastic lamination roll, an old car dashboard and with the help of welding guy for the supports. i think it turned out pretty well.

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That is just FANTASTIC! :star_struck:

What sim(s) are you into??

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Oh i dont really play online much but when i do it’s AC and FH4 and LFS
Mostly it’s either ETS2 or City Car Driving just for Fun.

Now I’ve discussed with a guy who knows some stuff about wiring an actual motorbike, so that i can connect it with a PC and use it as a Bike Sim :smiley:
I’ll update you when i get it delivered here.

Lastly Flight Sim that I’ve not done any work on ( will start when the MS flight sim is released and i get some free time for myself)

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That’s some really cute wallpaper you have there :^)