Discussing Anka (Video Review)

Hey guys,
I made a commentary video discussing Ankas hero design and what I like / dislike about her. It’s my first video commentating like that, so I could need your opinion on what I could improve! Also feel free to discuss about the topic in this thread here, I want to hear what you have to say about it. I hope you enjoy it :wink:


ps. Anka is <3


Thanks for posting this! Your commentary was really interesting to hear. I haven’t played much Anka, but you’re right, she seems like a lot of fun to play, and she’s really frustrating for the enemy when you combo her abilities to focus the enemy in unpredictable ways. :vgcheersx2:

I thought your idea to let Anka swap between her clones was really neat. It would make her even more mechanically rewarding, which is great for top-tier play. It might make her even more frustrating to play against though, so I’d worry it would be a bit OP in the right hands. You might be able to make it a part of the ultimate (just tap a clone you want to swap with), rather than a 4th ability. And maybe each skill point in your ult would increase how long the clones stay before zooming back to Anka, giving her more time to swap strategically. That’s all something the engineers would have to answer though.

Yes, you’re right the clone swapping could be very well integrated into her Ultimate.
Thanks for your reply, I’m glad that you like the video and that you took your time! I’m really excited to make more like this :wink:

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I’d love to see a montage video, especially one focusing on how to play Anka most effectively! Things like what role she’s best in (jungle/lane), what sorts of hero match-ups and synergies are best (best with Cath or Ardan? best again squishy carries), the kinds of situations to look for while playing her (over-extended enemies, fights in the jungle, grouped up enemies, or other scenarios), etc, et cetera, &c… Thanks again for sharing!

I understand what you mean, I think it could be really interesting! I’ll definitely keep it in min, at the moment I want to do some more shorter videos just stating my opinions in fater pace. But for a bigger video which goes more in depth I will certainly do that. Thanks for the suggestion!
By the way, is there something that you didn’t like about the video / what you would change?

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I don’t think I’d change anything, to be honest. You spoke very clearly, the order of things you talked about made sense (summary of the hero, then her abilities, then your impressions, then speculation), and you did a great job of not going off-topic or too far into tangents. Very easy to follow. Also, I just really like watching videos made by people who really enjoy the thing they’re talking about, and it’s clear that you really like Anka! I would say, just keep making videos about stuff you enjoy. :happy:


Thank you, this really means a lot to me!

Liked the review, but I’d disagree about her needing more mobility. I’ve been playing her basically whenever she escapes the bans, so I’ve seen plenty of cases where her basic kit isn’t quite enough mobility, but if I’m willing to sacrifice just a bit of burst damage, then Frostburn really helps. Since her B hits everything in a wide arc, it’s great for slowing a whole enemy team, making Anka comparatively faster. Using her A for the teleport both slows her target (with FB) and give her a burst of speed, and between the two it’s enough for quick hit and runs even against heroes like Krul or Reim. Clockwork also helps her mobility quite a bit (and allows you to build Journey Boots instead of Halcyon Chargers) since it reduces the cooldowns on her abilities.

I don’t always build FB for Anka (and build CW even less), but I tend to make it my first item when I think the enemy is going to try to control my mobility. It’s lower burst damage is somewhat compensated for by its lower cost and being able to build it earlier.

I actually consider her one of the best designed characters in the game just because she forces some choices like that.

I agree with you, she’s in my opinion the best desgined hero in the game, too. In my review I didn’t consider item builds yet, so I didn’t look into that any further, which I certainly should have at least to a small extend as it’s such an important factor. I like your solution for her mobility problem, when playing her I also picked up a Frostburn. So yeah, when also considering item builds I think that you’re right!
Also I’m glad you liked the review!