Did you guys watch Zio's stream last week?

he gets salty because he thinks Iraqi and micshe are sniping him and it’s pretty funny.


the entertaining part starts after the second match but you need to watch the second match for context. and make sure to read the chat
Its surprising it only has 253 views considering a lot of people like CozZ, pon, StartingAllOver, Nivmett, chuck and EdTheShred showed up in the stream.

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I saw the vid starboi made of it, he cut it pretty good. The rant was hilarious to listen to!

Zio might come off as a spoilt brat but he is only 14.

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lol, he’s tired AF. he’s about to fall asleep litterally at any moment. It’s funny, but understandable. lol.

The salty part is just deliberate comedy. scare tactics, so they go easy on him. lol.

Just watched the vid, lol it was sooo hilarious, even EdTheShred gave him special message about his rant lmao

lol yeah

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This is hilarious. Well done Iraqi for putting the kid in his place hehehe. He really needs to calm down a little.

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