Did size of Ability buttons decrease with 3.1?

Err… on my device (5 inch screen), it looks like the size of the Ability buttons decreased in 3vs3 mode.

I tried both, Smartphone and Tablet layout, but buttons stay tiny - basically the same size as active items, except they are squared. Is this an intended change, or imagination?

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They did make them smaller, they were kinda big before,

Yeah, they reduced them to the size of the 5vs5 interface.

So the exact opposite of what should have happened.

Why the fuck do they make it harder to play the game by fucking up the interface? I don’t exactly suffer from over-sized fingers, but it’s getting all but impossible to play, and every patch makes it worse.


I would say my fingers are average and if I ult one more time trying to place a scout cam, I may lose it


almost as painful as healing yourself at full health…


Not as painful as hitting ult instead of B at full health in a teamfight as Alpha - happened three times my last match

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What I don’t get is: I’ve seen pbe testers on stream encounter this very problem. Even the top pro’s have missed tapped. Are they deliberately trying to increase the skill level to legendary status? That even the pro’s have trouble with?

What is the reasoning behind this? Somebody ask a dev… There’s some Q&A devs here in forum.

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It isn’t actually harder I enjoy having a little more screen room it is just about retraining muscle memory

It absolutely is more difficult to hit the right button in hectic situations - at least on small screens. That isn’t even a question.

If you are able to compensate that, good on you. A lot of people can’t. And there’s no good reason whatsoever to make the interface harder to use. (The space this frees up on screen is negligible, especially since you can’t target anything there without running the risk of hitting a button, after all.)

Can you also not use gboard in fear of hitting the wrong letter constantly?


  1. People hit the wrong letters on virtual keyboards all the time. Hence auto-correct. That’s obvious, too, so please stop making obviously flawed arguments to support an obviously flawed position.

  2. The context is not even close to being comparable. Keeping track of 10 moving entities and placing skillshots is not the same as typing a text message.
    It may be similar to typing a text message while operating a vehicle, which is a dumb idea. Not only do you end up driving worse, you also end up typing worse.

We don’t really have to argue about whether smaller target areas make for larger error margins. That’s a no-brainer, and you should probably take 2 seconds to think about it.

You obviously haven’t learned good muscle memory or for on touchscreens if you can’t accurately press the keyboard, either those or recalibrate your touchscreen

Okay, so now we’ve gone from “there is no problem” to “it’s your problem”, which is what I’ve been saying all along: I have a problem with these small buttons.

So does everyone else in this thread, aside from you. Which is why I said:

That was like 5 posts ago, so why are we still having this conversation?

It isn’t a issue to complain about that’s like getting a new can and complaining that your turning radias is smaller. It isn’t a major issue just one that you need to relearn how to play, which in an ever constant style game is a good thing it challenges you to be better than ever

Actually, it’s like complaining about the turning radius being larger, but I think at this point…

You do understand the MOBA genre was never designed as a pick up you’re good right? It was meant to challange you the reason it is a big esport is because of that. The fact you are complaint that a Mona is hard makes me think you are in the wrong game

Pretty sure he said he had trouble with buttons not the game itself

Buttons the ability to do things while playing the game=the game

Sorry if I seem Ike a dick but without a constant challenge games would never be fun

Yes. And obviously the best way to create a challenge in a competitive environment is to provide a shitty interface. Because why would you want to fight other players, when you can fight tiny buttons.

Now if you go back over our conversation, you will notice that you keep changing goalposts every time one of your arguments is refuted.

You went from “there is no problem”:

To a bad analogy about virtual keyboards:

To “so there is a problem, but it’s your problem”:

To an even worse analogy about cars, containing two typos in one sentence:

To “obviously you don’t like challenges if you don’t have a fetish for hitting buttons smaller than your finger”:

So can you just give me clear victory conditions on this? How often do I have to point out faults in your argumentation, before this is over? Or will you just keep ignoring the obvious and make up new shit as you go indefinitely?

It isn’t harder as I said it is just about relearning which to some is hard but that creates a challenge to those who can’t learn how to properly tap a touchscreen and ultimately anyone skill shooting will benefit from the adjustment