Dev discussion, patch 3.7

I personally love it when the devs get involved and break down all the details and nuances of a new patch so i hope they do that every update. Those are good changes overall except for the saw nerf question mark, its a good step in the right direction that will improve the current cancerous meta, not saying its gonna solve everything that is wrong about the current meta but hopefully with additional tweaks and changes in future updates i can definitely see a more healthy and stable meta evolve. Tbh if it wasn’t for the shitty matchmaking i would given this patch a fair shot but yeah i probably won’t.

It could have just been the meta but I really feel like melee heroes who are dependent on SM needed that base WP buff. Except Kensei but he might become garbage if the tank meta doesn’t continue, considering that they nerfed both SM and his damage (PS Kensei already sucked so…).

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Exactly. Ig ill start building the ringo crit build on Rona now Not really