Destroy Grumpjaw + Tele boots

It was fun to watch those Twitch clips from EPL with GJ+Teleboots but to be fair it should be dead like Echoed Gauntlet or Spellfire+Active Camo.

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No because its funny and it requires a bit of mastery. I had to do it like 5 times to now pull it off every single time. Grumpjaw doesn’t have any other roles besides being a meat shield. So I’m fine with it.

Grumjaw has way too much base ability damage…

Yeah makes him good at invading for early game but no one will use that in soloQ so teleboots is the only niche has besides tanking. He’s fairly well balanced in coordinated play so its ok.

I don’t find it “imbalanced”, but I gotta say that it is definitely gimmickey.


its on a two minute cooldown so if the match lasts 30 min 15 times to do the tp ult, it isnt that bad of a problem .

My math is incorrect due to that i just used the cooldown on the tp and the match time, i didnt include the ult cooldown

It’s also in team fight 1 for 1, leaving it 4vs4. Not that great, if not focusing great enemy player.

I honestly happy the pros are showing some light on Grumpjaw. People don’t know how good he is so maybe this will make people play him more but I don’t know this player base is crazy stupid, people believe Kensei is good so…

URG. failed so bad at trying this stupid move. Can’t control the map in time before the hero gets spit out. lol. tried it 3 times now… fail , fail , fail.