Defining mobility and how to use it

In the halcyon fold we had a few walls we could jump where we could avoid getting caught if we could outpace our enemy. In the sovereigns Rise we have many traversable walls. This thread is about exploiting that.

To do such a thing one requires 2 things, high movement speed and the ability to jump across walls.

Together I want to call this mobility. The higher your mobility the easier you have it to avoid getting caught.

There are several different movement speeds in the game and some heroes are noticably faster than others. Which makes them look mobile but is that true mobility or just speed.

When a hero has an unconditional walltraversing skill that hero has a good jumping mobility. When that hero has low base speed it takes away from their overall mobility.

Baron can jump over just about anything yet he is very immobile when moving. A fast moving enemy hero can catch up with him before he can jump again.

So Baron isn’t very mobile.

Glaive and Joule both have decent movement speed and can traverse walls quite frequently. When you throw in a pair or journey boots they can almost always disengage safely. The same applies to Rona and Vox who both have decent movement speed and a wall jump.

Here is a link where you can see where jump locations are but also who can jump to where and how.

The tactical advantage of Mobility is that you can overextend while remaining relatively safe.

This is what makes mobility very powerful.

For instance I just played 2 matches with both CP Joule high cd and Ssw Glaive. Both of these heroes could engage enemy turrets and jump over enemy walls when danger appeared. The enemy then has to choose wether to save the turret or chase you.

These wins were because I could outposition my enemies through my mobility and escape their engages when they were unfavorable to me.

Heroes with conditional wall jumps like Ardan Koshka and Alpha require a target to jump too. This can be done through vision so of you want to escape with a hero with conditional wall jumping keep a cam on you to throw over the wall and pray there is a monster there.

Vision allows you to make choices on where to engage and when to disengage. Super mobile heroes have a greater outplay potential than non mobile heroes because the map is made for mobility.

Blackfeather even has 2 wall traversing charges making him very elusive when played right.

Boots offer speed and speed contributes to mobility. Mobility is what wins games!

Wow what a great split push.

How did he effectively split push? By seemingly being at various locations at the same time.

My advise is to always check the mobility score of your team when building a team. Don’t just look at range and melee WP or CP. But look at the outplay potential and your potential to gank and return to your own spot in time.

And Remember vision wins games: Wision

Wision+Mobility gives a team a very very strategic lead that can and will cause snowballing.

Thanks for reading.

Let me know who your favourite mobile heroes are and why.


Seriously is the forum dead? Not even a single reply?

Wp idris is insanely mobile if used correctly and can zip to the backlines easily surprising them, the main problem with his mobility is his limited wall jumping capability as he can pass through 4-5 walls max. Blinking to a carry and surprising them with a BCA combo for instant deleting is just so much fun

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His wall jumps are unconditional he does have a very high cd on his A. Could you pass through the walls near bottom and top straight next to the turret?

High CD on A isn’t a problem for a good idris. You get CD reduction with AA so your A is actually up every 4-5 seconds and your Ult every 30 seconds. Yes he can pass through those walls,thin walls are pretty easy it’s those thick walls in jungle which pose problems

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Choose taka, choose Koshka, choose Krul = PROFIT!

Seriously these three have insane movement speed around the map thanks to perks and abilites. It’s their mobility which makes them such a huge threat in 5 v 5.

They have great engage abilites, just like glaive,Joule and Rona, but their main advantage is their ability to disengage (Koshka speed buff Taka stealth) from fights. If the others use there abilites to engage they can find themselves sitting ducks to counter attacks.

But their ability to traverse walls is much weaker. So I can jump away and disengage better than them by jumping and then using boots. I dashed through a wall avoiding Krul Skye and a koshka who all came to attack me. I had vision up so I saw them coming and waited for them to pass the wall so I had a big distance from them while jumping. I then rendevued with my team for a 4v3.

They have speed and disengage yes but their mobility is limited.

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I think BF with his old Ult CD would have been the ultimate mobility monster in 5v5. His Ult doesn’t need vision to pass through walls unlike koshka or krul and he has movt speed from his A, no wonder they nerfed his CD

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True, but I’ll take those three over any other jungler right now.

They have great mobility, huge early power spikes very early on which enable you to snow ball enemy jungle / laners. They are arguable the best hero’s 1 v 1 at the moment; if you’ve chosen glaive or Rona for instance expect me to be in your face from the get go stealing your farm and bullying you.

Sure you can jump over a wall, but you’ll be doing so to run away because you can’t win 1v1. And if you don’t have the ability up you won’t example because the base movement speed of these three makes them sticky as hell.

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that is possibly one of the reason they nerf bf. he’s too mobile, and also too sticky…
and his old rose trail probably brutal in 5v5

I’m still salty that they announced the removal of rose trail as a buff. . . . Bring it back~!.. not because I think it’s a good idea to bring it back…

but just so I can say “yup, they nerfed BF by bringing back rose trail”. That rose trail is gonna slow him down so much… :haha:

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They nerfed a few hero’s, think Rona’s into the fray got hit because it was making her too mobile (jumping walls), along with joule. It’s the reason some of the walls have been made so wide…

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Mobility like that is very powerful hence the nerfs to some heroes and the entire existence of this thread.

Yeah, sorry I’ve derailed it :see_no_evil:

On the contrary. Stating the nerfs because mobility=power proves my premise which is far from derailing.

We might see more nerfs like these or buffs to immobile heroes so they can keep up. I would prefer the latter over the former myself.

Immobile heroes have their own strengths as most immobile heroes such as phinn , baptiste, churnwalker, reim,baron are teamfighting monsters. It’s just the map is so huge and full fledged teamfights happen less that their impact is down. I have played 40+ games and am yet to see 5v5 teamfights before 15 mins and 99% of them happen either near a dragon or midlane which allows the mobile heroes to disengage at will

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Churnwalker and Baron can and will shine.

Nah, Baron is early game potato who can be demolished by anyone. He needs to be babysat and cannot rotate as well as other laners like Gwen or Ringo. Saw is immobile but is a monster early game and can eat turrets if not taken care of. Gwen, Ringo, vox , idris, saw… every laner is better than Baron atm because he is really late game focussed. Every meta jungler will make barons first 10 mins hell and just snowball from there. Churn though is really good in a party and if you have 5 people hooked you have pretty much won the teamfight

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