Defensive heroe's like reim and fort

I like reim cause he uses ice and ha’s high defense should I build him attack speed for fortified hp I just wanna be a true ice mage with CC and defense, also fort I wanna play around his ult as in ambush enemies and out number them any tips for that my wolves just run off I wanna attack 1 person or something so I can Overrun them

Dont buy attack spped on reim, the amount of FH he gets is capped to a maximun, so its not worth it.

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dragons eye, eve of harvest, broken myth, armor/dmg item (not frostburn), aegis, journey boots
would be my build for reim.

fortress’ wolves target one enemy each, if an enemy is ded one person will be getting hit by the wolf of the ded person, more ded people more wolves gang up on one person, and if all enemies are dead they’ll target the nearest main objective (turret armory vain)

use fort ult to find enemy positions, very useful to start engages, see if theyre taking a dragon, or you know just putting more bleed

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Ah ok should I build cool down on fort so I can spam ult? Or should build him lifesteal/cd

Okay so never, ever waste his ult to find enemy positions, this is a pet hate I’ve mine and such a waste of what is a massive team fight ability. If you want to know where they are buy vision.

OP -

Reim is tanky, he is designed to make use of his passive ability whic provides him fortified health based on DMG landed from his abilities. To maximise this you want to build both sustain (so eve) and DE (build stacks) along with either a CW (spam abilites) or a BM (for shield pierce). Stack armour and Aegis and combine with boots (not halcyon charges, you need the speed buff to close gaps make you sticky). Reins weakness (not so much anymore) was his slow move speed, and his need to be in a fight to buil his fortified health. In short you could kite him from a distance, hence the need for boots.

Fortress offers huge utility to your team and has gap closing and passive speed buffs make him an excellent mid/late game dive hero (he has a weak early game when played as a jungler) if played CP. He has an inbuilt mortal wounds which is great into certain hero’s and his ability to apply bleed is important. You want to abuse AS/CW along with a BM as he has relatively low cooldowns. This will also ensure your ult is up regularly which is invaluable when engaging in a team fight (it buffs your health etc). As a roam you need to use his early game (weirdly he is a strong early game roam) to snowball the opposition. You need to play aggressively because late game he tends to tail off as his utility offers little defensively.

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Fortress has in built lifestyle in his abilites, you’ll want cooldown to ensure his abilites are up as often as possible as you won’t be using basic attacks to deal DMG. Typically you’ll want to use his A, proc AS them apply your B to your target. Basic attacks will build stacks and proc the DMG from this ability.

If your ult is up you’ll want to use this during team fights where it offers maximum utility (people should look to disengage when he uses it, it’s a bad idea to fight when the wolves are feasting), you can also use it to disengage or when you’ve low health as you receive fortified health (it might just enable you to escape with your life).

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EoH, BM, DE. you dont need to spam the ult.

What about krul any tips for him he heals a lot it’s kinda cool but I get kites and killed

Abuse the early game where they cant kite you. Use the passive, also shiversteel is also good for that, but late game if you didnt managed to snowball there is not much you can do. Invade early on (3v3) or gank continuously in lanes (5v5), control objectives as Krul can solo them. Apply as much preassure as you can and dont forget to use his passive, the speed boost it provides allows him to rotate extremely quickly and the slow makes him a nightmare for ganks.

Eve DE CW SG/def def JB

Would be your best bet at reliable damage and Fortified hp. You can and will spam skills since all of your skills trigger CW cd reduction and that creates a ton of CC.

engage by hiding in a bush for your passive, then running to your enemies. in most cases you won’t need to use his A, you can use that as a midrange gap closer. practice boomeranging your ult (throw it behind you and make sure an enemy is in the path of the sword when it comes back or you’re right next to one) bc the duration can be huge. if you get kited without dashes, shiversteel would be good.

Did you really just call the most aggressive roam in the game defensive hero?

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As fortress? You don’t want to fight Krul 1v1 you’ll lose…

As reim you can stand your ground vs a Krul
assuming your ahead, but he’ll eventually beat you given enough time.

Not sure who this is directed at… sorry just caught up, think he probably means tanky hero’s, clearly nee to the game.

For reim you should be building Eve de cw/BM boots and defense. Buy boots early to make sure people can’t get away from you and abuse his strong early game.
As for fort, after getting your core support items, buy an as and more cool down. Don’t use his ult to scout for enemies when you know they’re on the other side of the Rise (your team should have came down anyway), use it right before engaging into a team fight for maximum effect.

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Hahaha I know. Was just kidding as I found it funny the all-in roam that does nothing but dive was called defensive hero.