Defense needs to be buffed

Was playing churn yesterday and even with double WP defense(MJ+Atlas) the enemy Gwen was hitting very hard. She was getting my health down to 50% with just 4-5 shots, I could have healed it up but that is not the point here. Defense sucks, I was building full tanky and still took a lot of damage.


Maybe your team fed her.

But I do agree defense needs buff

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Please reformulate your post we need a proper discussion on this topic!

Yeah thier defense rework sucks. Also armor piercing sucks. They need to fix that, defense doesn’t have a large effect on damage reduction like it should. There should be at least a difference from having tier 2 defense and having MJ. Or having MJ AND Altas. Was the Gwen glass cannon?

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Nope. Both teams were equal on the kill counts. She had only 3 offense items-TB BP SB

No. She built properly with TB SB BP and double defense. My team was dishing out equal damage so she had to get defenses

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How? Reformulate as in change the contents entirely or edit a bit. I can create a detailed post on defense buffs but this was just a little rant, hence I added it in the salt mine


Only 3 offenesive items. This is why defense it BS she wasn’t even going Glass Cannon - that shouldn’t happen. SEMC needs to nerf Gwen a little if she can do that. I think the items are fine, but they need to lower some ratios there.

Your healing is low I suspect that your team failed to attack hooked enemies. A good churn always is hooked on several enemies. Good allies forcefully attack enemies healing churn and baiting enemies into attacking his allies instead of him. When CW is not focus fired and his hooked enemies are under attack he is very very hard to kill.

Buy an aftershock or storm crown on Churnwalker so you can finish people off. Aftershock healing combined with your build in healing makes you out tank even better.

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Defence needs to be buffed and big time (both armor and shield). Right now there is a reason why a lot of high tier players don’t build any defence… it makes so small of a difference that you are better to put that gold into atack + in the late game, for another atack item.


I understand the build from a “see? defense doesn’t work” perspective.

However, replace Atlas with AS. The defense obviously wasn’t doing much and if a burst hero like Gwen was your biggest problem, the lower attack speed didn’t help as much as the healing would

Like @Xaldarian said, AC or SC, though I recommend AS over SC

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I was facing the classical churn problem that match, no one attacked when I hooked and they just dived in without hooks placed. Two of my teammates were aggressive enough to use my perk to some extent, my glass cannon kestrel was doing nothing but just stealth roaming and dying.

Atlas was for an enemy krul but I can understand your reasoning. Heal is better than defense if defense doesn’t stop that damage

Vs an enemy Krul you can also try spellfire over Atlas you severely cut into his healing and increase your dot when hooking or pulling.

Did she have a bonesaw? (30 characters)

That’s the thing: When playing glass cannon kestrel you can’t just fire one glimershot and run. You still have to get a little into the fray from a distace. When I used her my teammates were right on top of enemies going after me, and it worked out well. Some people do it right, some people don’t. :frowning:

The pain of solo queue

No, that is what surprised me. She was dealing all that damage with just 3 offense items-Tb SB bp

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