Default behaviour of pinning

The default way that Discourse handles pinned topics is different to how pins work in many other forums.
In Discourse pinned topics are on top of categories, until a user has read the pinned topic, at which point for that user the topic is unpinned. (The user can change this behaviour in their preferences)

In other forums pinned topics just stay at the top regardless of whether they have been read or not.

Discourse works this way by default to avoid cluttering up Categories with too many pinned posts. However it is up to us which way we set it.

You can always change this setting for yourself in your preferences but we would appreciate your input in regards to what the default setting should be.

  • Pins should work how they did in the old forums aka stay at the top forever.
  • Pins should work as discourse defaults to aka they are unpinned once I have read them.

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