Deep Sea Churnwalker (and more skin ideas)

Here’s Churnwalker as a glowing giant squid. His chains will be replaced with tentacles :happy:

Deep Sea Churnwaker

And here’s my other skin ideas from the old forum.
Deep Sea Lorelai

Wildflower Petal

Titania Grace


That actually fits a lot better than the leaked CW skin…


That churn skin looks cool. What effects do you think will fit in with the skin? Like electricity passing through his tentacles for a stun(electric eel or something can shock) or having a glowing effect like kruls perk when targets are chained and receiving damage

Having a glowing effect looks cool. He can also glow brighter the more enemies gets chained.


that Petal is giving me angry Vileplume and i love it

I need a rafflesia patel skin.
I need that lantern Lorelai
I NEED A MERMAID ADAGIO LE SKIN!!!111111111111111!!1

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The lorelai one gives me deep sea Nami skin vibes. I wish smec could make this skin happen, with new effects

I know this is kind of a thread necromancy, but I totally remember you posting your Lorelai skin idea on the subreddit, I think I might have been the first to comment actually. I loved it, I still do!

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thanks :’)

30 characters filll

Agreed - this is one awesome Churnwalker concept. Hopefully the art department will take some “inspiration” from it, as that would work so very well with Corsair Krul.

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I thought I’d chime in with some love for Titania Grace :heart:

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The art style for that skin works pretty well for that color palate :heart:

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