Decided to play after months of not - tf has happened

I played since the game has been out, but haven’t been on for months. like 7. Its looking pretty different but doesn’t feel easier to play

Is there any way i can change the movement thing to go back to being able to tap the screen? I don’t like the new system of having to move the joystick looking thing.
Also whos in the meta now?
Why tf my screen so crowded w buttons ?
Is there a way to get rid of the rewards thing that plays after every match?
do as many people play anymore?

There’s a settings window you can access during a match now. You can switch the control scheme there, and also remove at least the “zoom” and “camera lock” buttons.

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You can change every setting and go back to good old vg
except the rewards screen i mafraid xP

Do you want 5v5 or 3v3 meta.

tap in very quick succession. it becomes a game of “how fast can i get rid of this screen”… usually in under 1 second. lol.

the only people who would know for sure is SEMC, but I would say between veterans leaving and newbies trying it out for the first time… it would feel like the same as 7 months ago.

Based on a bunch of indirect evidence, I’d say that the overall player base is fairly stable at present, but some regions are declining while there’s been some growth in one or two others. There appears to have been a fairly big spike in activity and # of players shortly after Worlds early this year, but that fell off quickly – most likely because of the badly botched 5v5 launch.

SEMC’s status as a business is difficult to assess, and that’s prompted a lot of theories – most of them based on nothing at all. Personally, I don’t believe the company is dying, but I think they badly misjudged their growth potential and made a bad bet with 5v5. They appear to be trying to pivot to becoming a leaner organization. My belief is that they are positioning themselves to maximize revenue from and minimize costs related to Vainglory while they start to focus on development of their next title.


They’re developing a new game?

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aww good! thanks for mentioning

That’s speculation - and while it would be typical behaviour, it isn’t completely consistent with the lay-offs. Down-sizing the current development team? Yeah, but at least some of them would have been transferred to the (hypothetical) new project.

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Both would be great! Thank you

Ah ok. It felt like there was enough playing, but just like none of my old added friends were on it anymore.

I guess its a shame they’re deciding to focus on a new title - but i guess there’s not much left to do with vainglory that would mean a big growth in players.

Alright. In no particular order.
Top: GJ, Flicker, Ardan, Reza.
Mid: literally any of the mages but for example Celeste, Samuel.
Bot: Kinetic, Kensei, Vox, Gwen, Baron.
Jungle: basically the top heroes, Churnwalker, Samuel, Fortress.
Roam: Ardan, Lorelai, Churnwalker

I haven’t played 3v3 a lot last week but I’ll try anyway.
Lane: Kinetic, Kensei, Vox, Gwen sometimes Celeste.
Jungle: definitely Koshka, Krul, Anka is used but not sure how good she is. Reza, Alpha is good counter pick.
Roam: Ardan, Grace and best one and the only ban worthy hero in 3v3 Churnwalker.

Just to be clear, that’s my own belief, not anything that I have inside knowledge of. (Though I’ve read some remarks from certain people that lead me to believe that it’s true.)


Yeah that makes sense. But you already see people like Nivmett and playoff beard working at two different companies and Sugarvenom is still looking for work so I don’t they got the resources for VG and a new project.

3v3 kensei is quite bad, also… no baron?

Barely seen any Barons. It’s easier to shut him down than Kensei. Kensei is definitely not Kinetic level but he’s not trash either.

cool thanks, i’ll have to test out the new (to me!) characters : )

I think pretty much all of the new heroes are very strong. Don’t know what’s new for you but last 5-6 definitely strong top meta.

Even in late game, kensei in 3v3 is mediocre at best.

No he’s basically immortal at full build.