Dear skaarf

who called me a noob and lost terribly in a 1v1, please delete the game or atleast learn how to play and come back to flame me. This donkey 3rd picked skaarf on B side against vox, alpha and koshka and then adds me to call me a noob.

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I was really hoping for @HipsterSkaarf fan and/or hate mail



He’ll ban me again ;-;
30 chars wai

Do it for the like

This text will be blurred

Skaarf is a good pick vs Alpha. What was the rest of your team?

gwen and joule i guess not sure now :stuck_out_tongue:

I think reim, rona, krul are a better pick than SKAARF :slight_smile:

So you two refuse to play captain and then blame the third for your own behavior? Lmao

Skaarf goop is the fastest way to take down a rebooting Alpha.

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