Dear lower tiers

Please don’t leave your post as carry and captain to help a half health jungler beat a healing trean with a fourth of it’s health that last his was needed so I didn’t stop my rotation. After you do that please don’t decide it’s your job to randomly kill jungle camps separate and let the enemy destroy 2 turrets forcing me to defend the lane for the rest of the game. I did not build for early game lane control I built for early jungle control which if I’m allowed to do I will be level 12 fast and have my t3 items at the time you need me to for team fights and kracken battles

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Some people play the game a bit differently than you’ll expect them to and you may not always be happy with the way people play on your team. I’d sit back, do your best to help your team, and try not to get tilted.


Yeah but you can’t expect a jungler to hold off a tank captain and a ranged carry. Most junglers are defense packing and are better with poke tatics.

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