Dear captains or uTiLiTY ToP laNeRs who fail to block Phinn ult

I hope you sleep with Ozo’s voice stuck in ur head


more frequently than not the utility top laners are weak in that role, but still choose it for the meta train riding. Sadly, they would have been better to pick dmg dealer as failing utility top is bad as f (mostly losing if enemy team bot is not weakling).

Actually I feel that the changes in 3.5 didn’t help the game at all and I can guess 99% correctly who will win in the first few rotations/6m mark.

Is that suppose to be a curse or a prayer

“Forgive me, carry, for I have sinned.”
“Repeat 10 Ozos and your missed crucible shall be absolved.”


Having Ozo stuck in your head is a blessing, so I dunno what you are trying to accomplish, @MobileLegendPlayer

Try this

Nope choosing a dmg dealer in the top lane is basically shooting yourself in the foot, you’re playing a carry that will fall immensly behind and therefore be wortheless. Damage items are expensive, utility items are cheap so utility top laner will have a crucible wartreads and a stormcrown completed while the dmg dealer will have a sorrow and a weapon blade. Playing carry in the top lane is like not playing a support in 3v3 and go tripple carry, 9 times out of 10 its a complete fiasco and that 1 time you get lucky and do decently.

I am strictly talking about players that are good with carries, but because of the meta goes support hero/builds and as they are weak with that type of heroes - fails miserably. Better to have a competent carry at top instead of a non-competent support type of hero that not only will lose the lane quicker, be a lot more back in the gold, but will not use to any extend the defensive items in a team fights. :wink:

I know the meta, also I know that competent carry can hold his own farming behind the turret and with a good support/team that rotate top - to not be so far behind in gold to be useless.

Not like it matters in this patch, nowdays I know who will win after the first 2-3 rotations. It’s that bad in the term that while they tried to prevent snowballing, actually I see it more often in 3.5 compared to 3.4/3.3

But supports or tanks in top at least don’t become worthless. No matter how behind a vanguard is a vanguard. A carry when behind wouldn’t do anything because the stats wouldn’t allow them to. Also tanks are tankier so they’d be dying less usually. No matter how bad someone is I prefer utility top than DPS.

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Even if you’re a competent carry it doesn’t matter, if the enemy jungler and bot laner rotate properly you’re never gonna get enough gold to itemize quickly enough even if you don’t die and last hit every minion you will be insanely underfed and carries need to be fed they’re a liabality when they’re not. That’s why even when the most competent carries like L3oN and Hundor go top they play utility they never ever play a carry. In my opinion anyone who plays a carry in top lane is trolling its like not wanting to support in 3v3 and picking a 3rd carry. I would rather have someone who plays utility top laners even tho he’s mediocre at them then someone who picks somethinh like kestrel or vox top

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Idk how they play in the EU but its not trolling to play a carry in top. I love playing top and i dont go into the utility heros unless my team is lacking in the cc department. Heros like Malene, Rona, Blackfeather etc do great in top. Most of the time my junglers help me gank multiple times when the enemy jungler is else where and/ or the jungler will see that im being collapsed on and they will collapse on another lane if they cant reach mine on time.

Plus with the bottom jungle minion nerf, if they decide to share the jungler, i get one/two waves of lane minions to myself.

I don’t buy Cruci as utility top lol I just get Pulseweave and other stuff

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