Days since last skin released

Some of these are very surprising, like you thought their last skin was out just 3 4 updates ago.
credit: some guy on reddit, not mine.


It seems Samuel will never get a legendary skin, nor ringo another one that it’s not rare. Well, I can’t complain, I got one for my boi idris.

Wow, it’s shocking how long some of those intervals are …

Kestrel doesn’t even have a legendary :kraken_sad_t3:
She does have a SP skin though


I still don’t understand why they dont give her attention besides the rare skins. Smh

SP is considered legendary. Samuel has none. Also he only has 2 skins. He has also been missing a skin for a lot more time than kestrel.

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is Lorelai the only hero in the game with no skins ?


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Yet another display of smec’s poor monetizing, what are the odds that someone will purchase this skin when they probably already have 2 to 3 celeste skins compared to a top tier support that just got his first skin.

I have two issues with that statement: (1) many people collect skins for their favorite heroes – I have every one of Celeste’s, for example, and will certainly be buying this one also, and (2) how can you possibly know what heroes/skins they make the most money on? They certainly don’t publish that information anywhere.

More like they barely publish any information besides the info in interviews.

That’s the advantage of being a privately-held company. :wink:


Yes of course there is people who would collect every skin for a specific hero, i said the ODDS of purchasing a skin for a character that already has like 5 are smaller than purchasing the very first skin for the most played support in the game. In my opinion anyone who’s willing to make in game transactions would buy a Lorelai skin while only those who really care about collecting every celeste skin will purchase her new skin

Again, you’re stating that as a fact when it’s actually just your opinion and based on … nothing more than that.

My point is that SEMC is a lot more likely to know which heroes are likely to generate a good ROI than you (or I) are.

Could be but i still believe they’re missing out by not releasing a Lorelai skin

leak talk

I mean like they have a model and now that I think about it the squid that was in the pics could have been one of the earliest hats. The skin was also leaked during the time of the 2017 SEA New Years or Water Festival, which I’m sure is something that SEMC hadn’t been vocal about before. 2018 SEA New Years feels like the best time for a Lorelai skin too come out because after all if they don’t release Winter themed skins then when are they? As well as the probable squid hat.

Varya’s been in the game for 1 year??? I have no sense of time in this case, at all.

Ok Samuel doesn’t surprise me at all. That’s what I expected buuuut Koshka, Skye and Celeste don’t have skins for the same amount of time? How is it possible that they have skins for the same time yet one surprises me and other doesn’t at all.