So here is what they’ve been spending time doing.

So mysterious

What is this?
School Days Reza?
What’s all the hype about? It’s just a skin.

Or is this lore related?


It’s probably a teaser for a Reza skin…


it looks boring if you ask me, I don’t see no hype, I feel disappointed.


OH WAIT. Did BleekoBleeko’s artwork thing end? Maybe this is the winner and his thing is so nice that they’re making a skin based off of the artwork. Although on VGpro there is no guy named dAv11d…


Here I’m gonna make another wild guess; a new game mode and event, reward is School Days Reza skin lol


Could his shirt be a football jersey of some kind?


SEMC is getting lazy bro, I mean they were lazy with the first SE LE recolored skins too and the community got mad, but now nobody cares about the ded game anymore so they don’t either. lol


i can’t use the link because school wifi but to me it looks sort of like a new gamemode because they have the kraken, a treant and minion in the art, and people have been asking for a monster murdering gamemode. it doesn’t look like a new skin because it is soley red pants and a black jacket, and smecs arts have been getting really good.

So mysterious

a rare skin isn’t even that bad. i don’t understand why you are overreacting so much. if there is something that is showing that VG is dying its 100% not the skin department… bc skin quality has become so much better.


Any theories on what the hashtag means?


Oh I’m an idiot and forgot about this.


:joy: :joy:
Well, that seems to solve it


So I’m guessing that “dAv11d” is his fictional gamertag and the skin is supposed to portray a gamer, which explains the backpack and weird clothes.


First look and all I can think of is white fuckboys…

Su :parking: reme


They really changes his face, im not longer getting a arabian vibe anymore… more like a tanned white male…


I will still tap that ass

30 chars


Ew I was hoping it was a new game mode or at the very least an event :confused:


Reza has the worst character design and skins


What do you guys think it is
I think it might be some sort of last man standing mode