Dark Siren Lorelai by Wisnu Tan

Apparently this is the “uncensored” splashart of Dark Lorenleye and the artist says its her upper reproductive part thats visable but I looked (obviously so I wouldn’t get reported for sharing it here :lyra: duh) and I personally didn’t see anything reportable soo…
Artstation: Wisnu Tan

Edit: She also looks more like the disney princess Ariel in this version…

Too bad he doesnt show any of the “concept” art but its the full splash so it’s something.

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Actually I looked at both splashes and only difference is that her hair isnt covering her chest area and its more exposed than the game released art.

In game:

Apparently they got to keep it pg… #ripgwencigar

Lmao … breasts are not part of the reproductive system :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The extra strands of hair were added after the fact at Apple’s request. In the original Photoshop file, they’re on a separate layer by themselves.


They are considered not fully a part of it. Though they are mainly a part of the lymph system.

Stop trying to sHaME mE :potoo:

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This just makes me question again what part of the breasts are the ‘sexy’ part? These had to be covered but there’s no nipples, but then around media breasts can pretty much be fully out except the nipple.

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MmmMm you know in twitch girls get banned because of their clothes , and some girls there discuss this issue like its a freedom issue , ignoring that what they wear attract more viewers , the same here apply for artwork in games if you going to make these type of skins you just going open a door for artists creativity to make neutral skins covered and not covered their private parts , I could argue that Lorelai breasts are clear there but in her color , so you assuming there is no nipples because they don’t look like the regular nipples humans have .

Neither of those statements is true, actually. Breasts are exocrine glands, which are functional in females and not so in males. They play no role in reproduction.

FWIW, I wasn’t trying to shame you. I just found the verbal gymnastics in your post to be very funny. Sorry if it came across that way.

Exactly right. The whole debate over what parts of the female breast can be shown in games, social media, etc. is really pretty stupid, imo. But it’s also a reflection of the stupid and antiquated laws in most countries regarding the concept of “decency” and which in practice apply mainly to women.


Just a general comment here: I would like to commend everyone who’s posted so far on the tone and content of your posts. :+1:

Also, to anyone considering posting something crude or sexist: unless you want to get banned, don’t even think about it.

You also have to keep in account that some countries don’t allow that… I know we are 2019 but I hope one day… people can stop sexualising women or female game character as sexy just because it’s expose…

I appreciate the concept art and the idea of Alluring Lorelai and that’s that. If you think beyond dirty, that’s on your and your disgusting mind.


It seems I was under a misconception. Choosing my potoo pic is a great choice for me it seems lmao


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The fact that the women can’t have her breast out and SAW can’t have nipple in his summer skin baffles me

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I’ve always hated that that woman have to cover up cuz decency or be more appropriate or else it’s seen as trying to be sexy. Wearing anything remotely revealing like a v-neck gets interpreted as sexual/sexy yet a guy going bare chested is nothing.

I like that this thread is staying mature with this topic even tho it’s off topic

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Well I don’t know if this is about women in general or about the gaming community , we know they did it for the Chinese market , like I noticed a lot of Chinese names in my NA and EU account , and I don’t see it bad If you going to have a rule of no private parts out , like Lorelai reminds me of the body paint girls , she looks naked and colored compared to her default , do you remember the t3 Skye skin and how people noticed something off about it or the phinn splash art hehehe .

wait what? Was I non existent when this happened cuz I don’t remember anything controversial about her skin line when it came out…

I think they’re just covered up due to his clothes. It seems like SEMC has no problems with male nipples, like most media outlets, as some skins (Anubis Baptiste, Vaquero Ringo, and Summer Party Krul, just to name a few) show them.


I actually think it’s a little interesting that they had to censor DS Lorelai’s breasts, but not default Alpha’s, considering they’re fully shown as well. I guess it’s a bit of a different case, though, because she’s a robot, and therefore, they’re not natural.