Damage value glitch?

So I just got done playing a game and during the game I decided to switch wifi because I was receiving some lag spikes on the one I was using and when I logged back in the values for my damage was gone

I was only doing 54 damage with this build

It also seemed to affect my abilities

I don’t think it was a visual bug because when trying to farm the minions would have to be on the verge of death before the visual for getting the kill would appear

Device:Moto g5splus

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That must have felt horrible. Did selling and rebuying help?

Yeah all the new items added after the reconnection registered but losing my first tier 3 item and the rest really was not ideal

Should’ve just forced quit and rejoined the game. VG needs WAY better reconnecting support. You lag out and it reloads you lose 1-2(Or more) minutes that could have been crucial to the game. They need a way so it syncs up after a disconnection instead of reloading it. Maybe it tried to but didn’t work, causing this?

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