Cytus II is now free for a limited time~

As you guys know, I am a mobile gamer UwU and one of my all time favorite games Cytus 2, is free for a limited time. But its ONLY the base characters (not DLC character or music packs) which are Paff, Neko, Robo Head, and the latest one, Ivy who incorporates music that is from Cytus 1.

Cytus 2 is very similar to Osu! and its pretty much a rhythm beat tapping game that has a nice variety of music.

Pictures is from its facebook page, :mask: I know that some of you dont like it (facebook) so I just SS it instead

If any of you guys do plan on trying it, leave a reply on you opinion about it.

Edit: Also though I said its like Osu!, it actually has a story based around the characters.

Newest Character: Hatsune Miku (Miku x Cytus) with some gameplay in the trailer UwU

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You baited me with the Miku. I was not told that she was DLC :pouting_cat:

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Well I did say

Miku is just a collaboration and not a main story character :new_moon_with_face:

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Miku wasn’t on that list so I feel cheated and lied to :rwby_sun:

I played the first one a long time ago when it was free as well tho so thanks for the heads up anyways OwO

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:disappointed: If it makes you feel any better, I just bought her (five seconds ago) and her songs are a bop :skaarf:

And dont worry, I too feel cheated that these new emotes were added and there was no news or announcements about it :cry:


Checked on the playstore and it is still 2 bucks

On the appstore it says its free.

Maybe it takes a longer while for it to update for the google playstore? Check back in about a couple of days to see if its changed.