Cyberbot Full Metal madness Devilotte Splash Art [Fan Art]

Not Related to School.

I am just practising and doing a fan art…


That pose is giving me major intimidation vibes. I see that your starting on it butI already cant wait to see the end result.

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As it should! Because Devilotte is a spoiled princess!

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Hi everyone, I realise I don’t have much time to finish this artwork as my new uni semster is starting next week! so I am sorry in advance for not being able to complete this practice(fanart).

But in meantime, I will upload my short mini works! fanarts of characters! You can include a fanart that you want me to do it! I will do it at my own pace whilst juggling with my uni work.

I will of cus upload it here! and I will open my own art (Twitter account too) When the time comes, you can follow me and share them if you want to.

Sorry guys! I am in the middle of completing a new fanart art (a quick one and will upload it soon)


Hi everyone. Just a quick drop by. A few capcom girlies! Devilotte my personal favourite! In progress of doing felicia. Will add in chun li and sakura soon.