Cutest. Dragon. Ever. It’s the Legendary ‘Rainbow’ Skaarf!

Run for cover! It’s the Legendary meow-meow flying cat, ‘Rainbow’ Skaarf, coming to drop colorful glowy destruction and shiny poopy goop down on all he surveys. Oh no – there are three of them!


  • Choose from three different kitty models: white, tabby & bengal!
  • Super 8-bit retro game sound effects!
  • Rainbows in fire effects, rainbow-shimmery goop
  • Happy rainbow stars and sparkle effects
  • Bright glowing rainbow tail and new lazy, wavy sprint


Skaarf’s Rainbow Wish

One day, Skaarf the flying cat had an itch on his back that he couldn’t reach. “If only I had brothers,” he meowed, “They would scratch my itchy spot. I know! I’ll make a wish on a rainbow for some brothers!” And so Skaarf flew around the land until he found a place with some rain in it and, not far above, a rainbow. He sat at the tippy top of the rainbow and meowed with all his might, “Hello, rainbow! I wish for brothers to be my friends and scratch my itchy spots.” Then he slid down, down, down the rainbow until his tail turned glowy and rainbow-y. At the bottom were waiting his two new brothers.

“Hi Skaarfs!” he cried with joy.

“Hi Skaarf!” they cried back.

And so Skaarf got his brothers, and the three of them went on many itch-free adventures.

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Must buy. SEMC, take my ICE. :gwenrainbowbarf:


Yeeeesss! I’ve wanted my cat to be Skaarf for yeeeaaarsssss


LMAO the skin or I should actually say LMeow the skin.

Rainbow Skaarf meets your older, grumpier uncle, HipsterSkaarf.


Ew. I would be embarrassed to be killed by a player having this skin. A Blackclaw skaarf skin would be great, instead they do more innocent and embarrassing skins in a game about killing each other over and over again. Prehistoric Glaive FTW

Wait is it like Elemental Lux where the three versions are one skin or three separate skins?

I’m betting it’s 3 separate ones (like with sparkler Skaarf), not a true chroma like in League.


What kind of SEMC connections did you have to make this happen


is so cute pay for skin nowwwww

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Is this the new method of brainwashing smec is trying? Lmao

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I love it but why does skaarf have lots of skin…
Give me rainbow queen malene

it’s called making a skin people want so they’re inclined to buy it. you get it from battlepass so win win for everyone, why be negative about a cute skin? doesnt hurt anybody

This is hilarious and super weird, and I do not think I’d ever ever use these skins, but kudos, SEMC.

We already have MP celeste team rainbow ftw!

so the only question that remains is, why does skaarf get all the variance in colour? why not do this with other skins? why not make alternative hero colours a thing?

Ever since Rainbow Sparkler Skaarf came out, I’ve wondered the same thing. It seems like the obvious thing to do to make skins more appealing. I can only assume that the tech isn’t there to do so – so they’re stuck making multiple separate skins. And that’s why I guess we haven’t seen more of it.

Oh, but it’s amazing in game too! You’ll want to use it. The effects are incredible and ridiculous, and the only skin I’ve ever wanted to play with the camera zoomed in.

well, they are creating a player inventory now, so maybe they take the time to create the needed tech. i think it would be worth it. just like permament charms for specific heroes.

That the most realistic skin I seen so far he really looks like a cat