Custom Builds?

Don’t you wish we could customize the preset build paths to build specific items in the order you usually want to get them? I would also like the ability to have a separate menu in the shop with the custom build AND the full shop so in the customized window you can have menus that are for situational items, core items, etc. I think this could speed up shopping even further and keep up the fast paced feel of the game. @VideoVillain is there a way this idea could be sent to SEMC? Other MOBAs have them and it would be a great addition.


This has been brought up repeatedly to SEMC for 3 years … you can see how interested they are in the idea. (Unfortunately, because it IS a good idea.)

No need just make your own builds based on the situation that’s how it was back in the old days

The purpose is to just condense your shop to what you specifically need. If you actually need something not in your current build you can go to the full shop and after the game update your custom build accordingly.

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They could do something like this

It could also make it so the quick buy options do not annoy you if you were to choose the wrong preset build as you could simply stay in full shop and use the quick buy like normal while if you keep your shop on the custom builds window quick buy will recommend items according to the build.

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They absolutely already have been hearing this and thinking about this. It’s just a matter of time and execution. No idea when we’ll be seeing something like that happen though.


I would love to see this. As for situational items it would be easy for someone to build a 3 or 4 item custom build to allow situational items