Cull the meek quest

So I posted before I had 2 quests not reset for a few days, now it’s been 2 weeks and I still have them and one is the title. Messaged support and so some are there till you do it and others reset over time, so I’m just stuck with cull the meek till it’s finally done? Was this always how these quests were, especially the cull the meek, just permanently there?

I believe you can farm bot matches to finish it. Its a dragon chest no? Gives good rewards

Nope, only pvp counts it seems which is gonna take awhile and I’d honestly just want another chest by now

Is it that bad? It takes me a couple days, but any time I have “destroy x” or “kill x” in PvP match quests, I do Battle Royale since it is basically a full match in half the time.

I avoid brawls cuz talents, so I stick with casuals and I really only play 1 or 2 3v3/5v5 when I actually wanna play so like every 3-4 days I play actual matches, rest is usually just log in play quick bots for daily’s and done. For me I don’t see that chest getting done soon but other simpler ones I could with how I play