Critical Builds

I seen some kestrel hit me kinda hard and I had armor she was full critical but I never hit this hard as Rona when I build critical on her ahhh Rona ( <3) I just went 14 and 6 with spin lifesteal build but It sucked when they were not grouped ,I wanna delete people 1v1 with critical

Suggestions for max critical damage?

Side note: a lot of attack speed does not = a lot of damage I thought that cause saw does it so well

some heroes doesnt work well with crits, but Rona used to build with SB, TT and double TM if going for crits. This build was mostly for splitpushing and was used by creatioN to defeat Skye due to the amount of burst it provides (her B with crists does so much damage). The problem is your lack of sustain in teamfights.

Oh ya…I’d die fast like the new hero

the problem with rona is that she is weak right now, you can make her work in certain situations, but in very specific ones.


Also keep in mind that Kestrel had Armor pierce, and Rona has less damage in AA, so crits are a lot less effective on Rona.


Oh that makes sense …even with critical damage that good I won’t play wp kest that’'s a death sentence