Creating an Asian Guild. Come through AsianCrew


Dear Fellow Members,
Currently, I want to build a community filled with relatable people. I have seen communities built for different ethnicity and I want to be one of the first to build an Asian community. We start off small, but eventually we will grow - as long as “we” Asians stay in the guild. I recommend old league/dota players to join to guild. We will achieve higher ranks than before. We will create metas that can not be withstood by others. I hope you will join our guild: AsianCrew. If you are interested in joining please fill in the form below.
Sincerely, Smexyboi

Guild Name: AsianCrew

Why you want to join:
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how does one create a meta?


You just need to try out builds and see which gives you the higher win rate. People make mistakes by building recommended builds, while they should really try out builds of their own.