CP Rona & Spellfire

So I’ve been bad, very bad, I got an LPQ for dodging a match (I’m not proud), but let’s not let that derail this thread.

Having been forced to play casual I decided to play some of meta hero’s. What I’ve found is that Spellfire triggers Ronas heroic perk, meaning she can maintain blood rage and spin till they all drop!!!

Been using SF,DE along with a third item of my choice (sometimes eve for sustain) along with the usually tanky items and my god she’s a monster. That rupture DMG is sick and when you lad it you can spin because you’ll have full rage thanks to her perk. It’s OP amusing in casual…

Highly suggest you give this a try and let me know how you get on.

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Interesting! How are you timing your build, usually? Spellfire first, some early defense or no? And what are the best match ups for CP Rona?

SF first item; been playing with SG /DE as my second item. The DMG from her A with SF makes farming far easier than I’d have expected.

I’ve been throwing in some early defence but I’ve prioritised two offence tier threes first. Reflex block is vital though to avoid stuns during the follow up ULT.

Her A has insane CP ratios, 100% impact plus 200% rupture DMG, that’s over 600 DMG just with a SG and SF, throw in SF passive and your hitting for 800, your practically killing a laner with one move. Might toy with frost burn to ensure they can’t avoid the rupture DMG or the following up Red Mist which has a 120% CP ratio which you can chain thanks to the SF mortal wounds.

Not really sure what the optimal build is wanted to see if anyone else had used her CP path. Really aren’t many hero’s this doesn’t work against, exceptions are Krul and Reim but even here she has SF mortal wounds plus her B which has x2 100% ratios… it’s kinda sick, I’m going to use it more in ranked and see how I far against higher tier players.

All I can say is if you go full offence build the DMG would be broken af, you’d be one hitting with her A!

Will try tonight. Burn damage from SF is doing weird things like proccing Kestrel’s mist.

Typically CP Rona builds SG, AC as core items.

AC is wasted IMO you have no problem farming with her A and SF, you can pretty much clear all three back minions with one A. Your not really basic attacking it’s all about abilities… then again I’ve only just started to mess around with builds.

Yes kestrels mist proc is amusing, seen it a few times in 5v5.

Thing with Rona is her heroic perk triggers blood rage when you crit or mortal wound. If you trigger it right you’ll keep spinning for days as you’ll proc mortal wounds especially in end game team fights. Been doing some crazy burst DMG on enemy squishes.


Honestly I would focus on playing CP Rona like an assassin over a wannabe sustain tank - that’s what her WP SM+BP path is for. You might also enjoy playing Crit Rona (because she gets a lot of attack speed) which lets you delete the typical Krul/Glaives.

I’m actually a bit skeptical of building DE on her specifically because her sustain is worse. It’s going to kick in more likely with your B or C over your A unless the opponents let you just stack up, and your CP ratio there is a lot weaker - I would rather just frontload more damage. If memory serves, you need really fast reflexes to escape the rupture damage - Frostburn might or might not be helpful here.

I think if I were to do this it would be (not ordered) SG+SF+CW+BM+Slumbering Husk/Aegis+JB/WT, your primary weakness aside from CC (moreso than WP Rona) is going to be the mobile peeps with long dashes like Skye and Glaive who can move fast enough to dodge you. Some traditional skill matchups/counters like Vox don’t move fast enough to dodge a well placed Rupture i think. Likewise, counter-engage heroes like Baptiste or even Tony have huge disruption potential, so I would only play CP Rona if you can get good matchups vs say Celeste or Kestrel.

God, getting a good Rupture off in the jungle would be so dope xD

The reasons you should buy AC on Rona:

  1. Rona gets 40% increased attack speed with the second activation of Foesplitter. Combined with AC’s 35% attack speed and her perk, she gets more procs out of an AC than any other hero. (Maybe Ringo is faster)
  2. You are building heavy CP damage. SG, SF, AC, BM are all high CP damage items. They will result in very high AC proc damage.
  3. Being able to clear jungle and minion waves without using ITF is nice. ITF has 11-second cooldown. Even with CW, infusion, and HC, ITF only goes down to 6 seconds and at best 5.3 with the CW passive. That might seem like a short cooldown, but it’s not and that is very late game. Plus, 5v5 jungle camps don’t stack like the 3v3 backs.

AS is actually viable on her. She can proc it twice with Foesplitter and if you time your leap you can get a 3rd proc easily. I would buy it instead of CW. You give up 5 CP, but it will make you more bursty which is the goal. This can be substituted for AC.

I wouldn’t get DE on Rona. She lacks the range for poking to stack. She is all about burst. From my very old CP Rona guide:

Here is my attack series and stacks with it:

Typical Fight:
Foesplitter - 0
Leap - 1
Leap second proc and Foesplitter second proc - 2 (max duration of Foesplitter)

Leap - 0
Foesplitter and Leap second - 1
Foesplitter - 2 or 3 (usually 2 to prevent escape)


I’d avoid using AC, you can’t out DMG WP hero’s in the jungle and you’ll only proc every other attack. Remember for splitter consumes all her blood rage meaning you’ll not be able to use her ULT (which has better CP ratios and AEO DMG) very often.

She has some of the craziest CP ratios in the game so upfront loading DMG and playing her like an assassin makes more sense. You’re right about DE though, been messing around and I believe SG/SF along with a BM are logical choices as you can’t hang around in fights for sustained periods stacking, as you’ve got no sustain. Guess you could always throw in a SC if you wanted to improve her jungle clear (but you don’t need to).

I tried CP Rona with a Spellfire not that long ago in ranked, and I know what you mean. I blew up all the carries in no time, and the only one who could halfway 1v1 me was cathy. Though I still prefer the Aftershock path, I won’t deny that Spellfire definitely is an awesome choice as well.

Just seen FlashX posted a CP Rona build, he used sf and AS with a BM in the top lane.

Honestly it’s so much fun, the A DMG is madness.


Nice post with some great points… you really do need a reflex block to stop the CC as your are susceptible to it just like a WP version.

I’ve tried a couple of builds over the weekend and have settled in SG/SF/AS, AS gets proc twice during your B which is extremely useful as your not a one two trick pony. With this build you’re also hitting for over 800 if you land your A plus the additional 285 from the mortal wound. Obviously shield comes into play but that’s such a savage amount of burst DMG to land on an enemy squishy and if you need / want to id throw in a BM along with WT as the extra health is useful.

It’s fun, if timed well an A is both a great initiator, finisher and peel for your team thanks to the slow. Throw a full stack ult immediately and you’ve got such huge burst potential that few laners can live with it and most of the junglers will struggle as well.

Might try 5v5 tonight see how I get on.

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And should just max her B or C for the CP version?

No max her A and C, A DMG ratios are 300% you want that available as often as possible.!

SF is officially broken. Activates red mist, activates Active camo… what else can we try?