"CP Ringo isn't good"

While he isnt A tier due to better picks, personally I find him to be better than CP Idris.

And CP Ringo has a different play style than WP that I find more pleasing.

Im also reminded on why I dont play rank too but thats another story for later.

Everything is better than idris.


I wonder when they’re going to buff him (wp mostly).

Honestly, my friend, he packs a decent punch utilizing his CP path. I’ve had success and have enjoyed playing him lately.

To the OP: I agree that CP Ringo is under-rated. I like playing him as a :vgroles_jungle:, to be honest. One of the easiest to aid in getting early kills. His A takes no skill to hit, provides a considerable slow, his B will help him stay on top of the target as you and your ally give chase.

I’ll try and take a screenshot next time I play it (I’m not playing as often ever since I became a dad), but I believe my last game as a CP :vgroles_jungle: Ringo I had a KA of 6 in the first 8 minutes and finished with 7/0/6 as our team snowballed due to my easy engages/gangks in lane .

If you like CP Ringo, give :vgroles_jungle:a try!

Malene will put him in C tier.

Honestly, he is a sitting duck when using his B but Ult is is the damage dealer… easily avoided tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats where you’re playing him… not right.

Using your B means you must stutterstep. I think you’re forgetting that Saw and Ringo were the original stutterstep-ing heros.

Also while the ult is easily avoidable, it bypasses ALL SHIELD. So your better off using it as engage. Using it as a execute is how most people think Ringo players will use it so they hold off their Blocks until they’re low health and to block it while you use it and walk away.

Also the ult AoE is no laughing joke so I often use it once we manage to force the enemy together or in a tight spot.

I don’t play ringo at all. XD
But most cp or wp ringo is quite easy to counter as Malene in my POV.

Yeah. Ult AOE is a pain… but there was this senario where. CP was trying to counter and my team already used up their crucible so it was a perfect chance for him to cast his ULT… but unfortunately he casted it on me… I waited for the perfect timing and used my Dark B… free crucible… lit rally.

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Well Malene is a swiss knife of utility so she has a upper hand on most if not all heros. But Imagine being a Kinetic or Magnus. Most carries rely on the captains cruci or if they buy a aegis, which most dont since its a drop of damage total. And only a small amount of heros have debuff blocks already in their kit.

Understandable. I really dont like him either since his perk is useless and his B was nerfed into the ground. But they did make his ult more impactful which is a pro out of the multiple cons.

Maybe if he gets a cool skin with totally new effects (hopefully animations but thats a stretch), Ill like him more.

He has a bare chest skin tho… :eggplant::sweat_drops:

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:vampire: BF > :cowboy_hat_face: Ringo

Funny you say that since I have all his skins but exclusively use his Cowboy skin whenever I play him. :bapcloud:

Omg Mood! Love bites BF is :sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:

We need new male bare chest to be added to roster… and no ardan please :nauseated_face:

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Do I have to throw a water bottle at you for your thirst to be quenched! :joy:

Wait til Summer Party and maybe your wish will be granted.

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Summer party Samual. And we oop

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The mediocre damage cp idris offers by no means compensates his terrible and weaker than a minion early game.

Playing as a support early game woth a cp idris is one of the most painful thing you will experience. Getting constantly bullied, not being able to last hit… At the end of the game the cs is just terrible

SP Samuel would be just his normal skin and the splashart would be him hiding somewhere while all the other heroes are playing on the beach in the background.



He deserves some fun too.



He did have fun when he watched Gythia fall as the Prince (Magnus) was absent while a ancient evil (Ishtar) was finally released from imprisonment.

Best revenge against Lora. :flicker:

Bruh. I mean yes but i want him to enjoy those Wetness :sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:

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You realise how that sounds? or is that what you meant…?