CP lyra and WP grace and a few other things

No I mean regularly used in a few patches.

That’s never been the case but neither of us have proof to say one another is right.

Well believe it or not I really don’t care but Glaive has had his meta moments and even better roam than carry.

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Buying AC on lyra is dumb. Start with SF then DE CW BM and youre good to go. I was glass canon lyra and i beat a vox+cp alpha 1v2. Thats how strong she is. Shes got massive range and her B that stops dashes and slows opponents getting to her. And if they reach her, use C n escape. And cos i built a CW, my C has like a 20s cd lmao. Even though cp lyra needs some skill to play unlike wp grace, shes still a little too highly rewarding.

Buying AC on lyra is not dumb at all for goodness sake. After they nerfed glass cannon Lyra, AC based Lyra is much nastier and the better and more reliable build for Lyra this patch. Honestly. Because of the weaker CP ratio on her detonate damage, falls off much harder late game.

Yes glass canon lyra was good like really good but after they buffed AC Lyra and nerf Glass Cannon AC is better.

Her damage out put is about the same level as Glass canon Lyra after the buff.

You’re missing out because if you can do that much with an inferior build imagine what you could do with the superior one, unless well you haven’t played CP Lyra this patch.

What would your build with AC be? I dont wanna remove the CW cos its needed very much. For me atleast, cos i m more ability oriented. I dont do good at basic attacks. And you always cant stand at one place and get the benefit of her perk. On top of that AC lyra has a lot less overall CP unless youre switching the CW with AC.

When did they nerf the detonate damage? They only nerfed the detonate heal. The heal depends on the total HP. While the damage depends on her CP.

In 3.3 Lyra from her empowered shot crystal ratio it went from 70% to 80% and imperial sigil damage crystal ratio went from 120% to 100%. Build AC DE CW BM probably I don’t play mid much besides the one match Samuel every patch. Someone will probably give you a better build but from those changes Lyra is supposed to go more AA orientated than ability.

ohh so shes this OP even after the nerf xD
I havent really seen anyone build AC. A few days back a cp lyra built SG SF BM CW and one kit KO me with her A lmao( i had no def but still :P).
AC will take forever to get DE stacks too. The build i m using, as long as its giving results i guess its fine?
Maybe ill give AC a try considering CW is changing

After the failure of balancing Lyra literally every patch someone should just start playing WP and make it meta. CP Lyra is squishy anyways so it is ok imo because if someone is destroying everyone after being fed. It is because they are fed.

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Tbh in 5v5 shes strong but i played her in 3v3
shes kinda broken there cos legit only opp jungler can jump on her. And like i said, even if she gets caught out, she can escape easily. I still cant think of a “counter” to cp lyra. At the max gwen/skaarf but no one else coming in mind cos she outranges like everyone

3v3 is broken because of all the things you need to ban and stuff but when looking at 5v5 she actually has 5 abilities. So when she is playing as a captain she unlocks the 5th ability, “Roam” when she is CP she unlocks this ability after destroying the enemy laner because that is the requirement. This ability has the following description: “Go to top and bot lane, use ult press B and then start AA boom they are dead kekekeekkekek GG.” Now you see if I don’t see a Lyra unlocking this ability I know they are bad and would not like to personally associate with them… The bulwark is the oppressive part about Lyra other than that she is just a Varya.