CP lyra and WP grace and a few other things

They are a little op. Dont you guys think they deserve a nerf?
A few questions
Lyra’s burst heal was nerfed. Does it mean the burst cp damage on her A was nerfed as well? Healing depends on HP and the damage should depend on CP but still asking.
And adagio’s rare talent has both heal+barrier. Wont capacitor plate be crazy on him with his Rare talent?
Another thing i m really scared if is fortress with Rook’s decree. First of all the wolves. On top of that while chasing opp carry, if your whole team gets a barrier, its gonna be real hard for the opponents to do anything. People were saying Pulseweave would be a good item on him but considering his perk and A, i dont think buying that item makes any sense?

No CP Lyra is as strong as ever they haven’t nerfed her damage.

CP Lyra can techinically be considered to the stronger path this update.

WP Grace remains the same.


Naaaaisu. So i can continue abusing her next patch too xD
People spam vox in 3v3 and cp lyra works like magic against him. With her i think ill reach t10 on my smurf before my main itself lol.

lyra, grace and ardan = the ultimate flex team. all 3 can flex to all 3 paths… Cp, Wp or Utility.


Lyra is ok she takes longer to come online and yes her A damage burst was reduced in this update (3.3) they tried to make her more AA orientated which she is. Due to this she comes online a bit later and therefore can be taken down easily. Next update AC is getting a nerf as well so that tones her damage down a little bit. On the flip side when she doesn’t get killed early on she can easily C+B+A and AA, and that is more brain dead than CP Taka.

Grace is the definition of brain dead the only way you can lose with her is if you decide to build PS (in general) or TM (first item) otherwise you press A do an AA if you want to or not and boom enemy is at half health. She deserved a nerf but she didn’t get one… bye bye to Idris, Reza, Glaive, BF, and Kensei…

I like hero paths but if the intended path for a captain was a captain then it should not be outperforming other carries… that is just toxic af.

Captains should have more paths than just captains.


But they should’t overshadowed by their carry path (WP Grace smh - every time Grace is picked I always assume that it’s WP top Grace, not captain)
Tbh I prefer Rona or BF or Hybrid Idris being meta because at least THEY TAKE SOME SKILL TO PLAY

Why? Carrys don’t have viable support paths.

Malene do.
Glaive do.
Grumpjaw actually can too.
Those able are able to play captain too

Junglers and carrys are able to wp and cp path but the moment captain can go either cp or wp path? Is toxic?

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Grace is actually squishy in WP path same for Lyra in CP path! They just have huge damage in late game… unlike Rona of BF who can sustain in late game.

If captains are able to go to CP or WP path, they are usually hella squishy in late game… hence huge burst damage in late game too


I didn’t say captain going CP or WP is toxic don’t know where you got that impression. Malene and Glaive are both shitty supports, the only CC Malene has is a root and weak barrier that scales with CP not Hp, and Glaive only has a knock back stun. Both never have been viable supports and never will be. Wow two out of the 30 dps have support paths and even if we included Glaive and Malene that’s 4/30. Yet out of the 11 supports Lance, Lyra, Grace, Fortress, Ardan, Adagio are all have complete viable support paths with some of those honestly working better then their support counterpart, then Churnwalker, Catherine, Flicker, and Phinn DPS paths are semi viable. What more do you want? Supports shouldn’t even have another path but they already do

Lyra is mage. I don’t honestly care about other support lol… she deserves cp path

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I just don’t see the point in giving every hero an alternative path it only messes them up in the long run.

it basically increases the possible viable comps and adds another layer of strategy to draft (back in the day with 3v3, glaive was a very strong draft first pick due to him being able to go wp or support. that makes it hard to chose a counter pick)
it also increases the variety of the game, which is really good for such a small hero pool.
not all heroes have a viable or even a possible second path, but there is no harm in giving it to as many as possible.
at best, they can balance the paths with the ratios, but that wont work all the time.

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Glaive has been viable and even top roam some time ago.

Proof? Because I’ve been playing this game since beta and he has never been top roam

Oh honey… many people has seen glaive being a top meta as captain… and even semc talked about it.

If you didn’ see it. Your lost :confused:

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I don’t remember exact patch numbers lol. But it’s in vg8.

@Bobmax being used for one or two matches in vg8 doesn’t count as meta.

Grace is not squishy at all if she was I’d have no problem dealing chunks of damage to her if she engages on to me with her A and I am a melee hero. That is what melee laners excel at (except Kensei). When the enemy hero decides to poke you, you just damage them because your kit lets you do that. Funny part is Grace when using her A has damage reduction, not even on her B. This makes it so she can get free damage without even taking damage back. This ability is also very easy to use. Melee lane heroes need some form of skill to maximize damage, for example BF using his A on the enemy hero and then AA and then using his B to get a barrier and then doing AA till he feels like should back off.

Grace has damage reduction the most OP thing you can put on a melee hero besides invulnerability. This makes Grace have an advantage against melee laners and that makes her especially difficult to deal with when you’re melee. Now range carries always have something to prevent what I said melee carries do to them. Ringo is an example, one of the worst ones, but he has twirling silver in his kit with the purpose so that a Glaive can’t just knock him against the wall but instead you angled it so that the Glaive knocks you back to your turret.

Grace is just oppressive for no damn reason. She is easy to use. No way to mess up with her unless you decide to walk up to your opponent and B them. She easily gets fed or she makes the enemy carry look round and delicious. I don’t like her at all and she outclasses her captain path. Just toxic. It is like CP Gwen all over again when she had the slow on her A.

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