Cp Lack luster compared to Wp

I love mages i like assassins But not in vainglory…not anymore Whats the point of mages if Wp carries deletes u even with armor definitely when you going 1v1 without help its hard when they have crits and bp which will delete a team if not stopped, assassins…smh i don’t know the term in vg even all Sg allll SG which is like 800 Cp that does little TOOO nooo Damage at all , i know some ppl say wp power consistant and cp burst but Be Honest…wp burst hard asf Cp would hit like 300. Maybe wp hits that like 42x in 7 seconds …anyone help? Cause at this point im not enjoying the game…reim already messed up samuel…i liked samuel i don’t now only person with cp worth a damn is saw his cp is amazing i just want to go glass cannon cp but damage still look like i got 4 defense items

You aren’t using CP correctly then.

If you are trying to 1v1 as a CP carry you’re playing the carry wrong. If you lose with Reza (CP assassin) in a 1v1 you’re just building/playing him wrong.

You mention Samuel who is one of the most strongest mages in the game currently and in teamfights with a proper comp you can obliterate the enemy front line with ease. Instead of building all SG have you tried SF, CW, SG, BM on Sam? By building all SG you are just capping your damage and letting enemy shield reduce it greatly. All SG gives 780 CP btw while all SB gives 900 WP and thats for a reason.

WP heroes don’t do AoE damage besides some heroes on their abilities but some of the heroes that have a WP ratio have either very low or none at all (like Kensei). CP heroes are stronger and tend to have a higher skill cap than WP heroes. CP SAW is relatively easy to play, Reim is weak, and Samuel requires positioning.


Lol So cp gets capped but wp crits go crazy? i want all sg cause i want all dmg cp should be able to hit 500+ easy but nope wp does like 650+

If you want your damage to do anything you need to buy other items to help it land, not just pure damage. Like @SideRaiderr said, mixed builds are important and will work better for you 100% of the time. Or maybe you just haven’t found the right hero.

(Also imo CP SAW is WAY stronger than he should be. SAW should be a WP hero first, I hope it gets fixed next update)

mixed builds not offering more cp besides maybe dragon eye stacks, broken myth ok but its a 9% damage increase also if dragon goes crazy when max stacked then shouldn’t alot of sg =same effect?

The point isn’t to have the most raw damage, as it’s useless if it doesn’t land. The point is the other passive buffs and things the items give you. All SG doesn’t give you anywhere close to the effect a mixed build does.

Let’s say you have these items:
Frostburn, Dragon eye, Broken Myth, Aftershock.

You might not be doing as much pure damage as four Shatterglass, but you will have a slow, ramping damage, pierce, and lifesteal. All this will allow you to stay in the fight longer, outlive your enemies, and stick to them. On someone like Alpha, you could carry an entire team in 5v5. (I’ve seen it happen, it’s brutal.) Build all Shatterglass and your teammates will assume you’ve never played before.

I think of CP and WP passives like activatables to a Captain. Like a Fountain or Crucible, they give more meaning to the items rather than just health or shield/armor.


Dragon eye not even like breaking point…bp gets insane dragon just… shatter Glass

The question is… will you even live long enough to deal the damage potential of a pure SG build? Probably no unless your enemies are new players.

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I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand. Could you please clarify?

What do u mean I will I get to live to see damage potential of all sg the whole point is like…all sg is pretty pathetic damage compared to full stack or half stacked bp with 2 other items

Means breaking point makes damage skyrocket, while dragon eye just adds cp which is pointless imo since I run full sg anyway and damage is pretty sad

Well the two have to be different, because WP and CP are two extremely different styles. Here’s the two side-by-side.

This item stacks based on how much damage you’re doing with basic attacks. This is boosted by attack speed and raw damage. It has more stacks, and it’s much easier to see the effects when stacked. It appears more powerful.

This item is made with mages in mind, who stack this item with their abilites only. Abilities have cooldowns, which is why the stacks fall off slower, and it has less stacks, so Kestrel can’t onseshot you with her A with 25 stacks. It’s harder to see the effects of it, which I think is why it appears like a useless item to you.

As you can see, they are totally different items meant to serve the same function, but not meant to be mirror images of each other. They were designed with Mages/Melee respectively in mind. Building the closest CP equivalent of a WP build will most likely end up being very different. I’m wondering, do you mostly use WP heroes? Because I think you’re thinking of CP like WP. When building for a CP hero you have to build around the specific kit and abilities. You can’t build a basic build and expect it to work well for most every hero like you can with WP heroes.


Like many have already said, you’re approaching building in the wrong way. CP users actually usually beat out their WP counterparts if played to their strength pretty consistently. Building straight cp power doesnt help you as much as building a brokenmyth along with one less shatterglass. Also, having an aftershock on heroes who are cp heroes with wp basic attacks helps spike dmg between your abilities and restore health.

also, mortal wounds on cp heroes who have to time their abilities on long cooldowns helps do dmg inbetween. cp heroes usually require you to understand the hero well. Starting the game, its not my recommendation to play cp, but some cp heroes like skaarf are easier than others.

Also, cp heroes can usually kill wp before they can reach them, and wp can usually kill better once their in your range. That’s just how it is.

An example of a cp hero that needs all different items is baptiste. His abilities are focused on pinning the target down, but his attacks are in your face and his basics are wp. He doesnt benefit from having all sg as much as he does from an aftershock and brokenmyth. He also needs defense because hes largely close range, boots because he has no escape, and he benefits from stacking damage with dragoneye because of his lifesteal and combo potential more than anything. You can play him from farther range and use his a ability to attack and b and c to keep enemies away from you. Then you’d be better off with a shatterglass and de combo with a clockwork and mortal wounds. It really takes understanding


K I get it so cp build around my hero so frost burn on Samuel since I wanna kite and slow them down ,I just want burst numbers even anka who I thought would be insane… really not insane but i enjoy Cath as she locks ppl down which is what I loved about riem in a way I’ll work on cp builds probably as Samuel and non viable this patch-Reim

Frostburn is a great choice on Samuel, but I think he’d benefit more from Cooldown or sustain items first. I haven’t played him in a while, so maybe that is the way to go idk. ¯_(ツ)_/¯But that’s the right idea! Build around the kit for CP.

Once you get a build you like, you should also think about how you can modify your build paths and items based on enemies. (More burst against tanks, more CC against assasins, that sort of thing.) In my opinion CP is so much more complex than WP. It takes skill to build unlike those BP SB TT TM heroes :triumph:.

Anka can be insane, but you really need the right comp as well as build. There are a ton of guides floating around for her right now, you should search a few to see if you can find one that’ll give you that “penta-kill” feeling you’re looking for.

Mages have a longer range and offer aoe damage while WP carries do consistent single target damage. Don’t except to win 1v1 as a mage if you can’t keep your range advantage.


just wanna clarify, it gains stacks with even basic attacks (seen by cp vox and varya)

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Oh really? I never realized that. I should read things more closely. Thanks!

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You like cath?
Look at my damage and look at my items.

Note this is top lane not captain.

There are various items with various effects. Spellfire creates damage over time on multiple targets if your skills allow that.

Aftershock deals 10% of targets health as damage…

I had 3 CP items and had the most damage in the game.

Celeste had 4 CP items and less damage…

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Anka can instakill a squishy hero and thats not enough damage?