CP Idris Abuse?

In mostly higher 5v5 Ranked matches, CP Idrises are starting to pop up again. There is something that feels like cheating here, to me at least, that you can purchase 6 Crystal Shards and activate the Divergent Path BA at level 4. His basic attack speed in CP form is also higher, if compared by eye, while it being too powerful compared to other heroes at level 4. It just seems tiring to me, is anyone else seeing the same thing?

I know that the perk was meant to be activated at earlier levels if played CP, but if the limit is at gold and not level, then it can easily be abused.
(And can we talk about Idris’s Rare Talent???)

Just be thankful they ruined his shiv + infuse hybrid path with the changes to infusions ( that no one really talked about )

I, for one, cry about it every time I see a CP Idris

Also, I prefer the legendary talent

EDIT - wait, 6 ? Didn’t it used to be 4


6 crystal shards would mean no boots. interesting tactic, given the increased move speed in the last patch.

hmmmmm… it would work early game, just stick to the safety of the turret. plus you have your dash/roll to escape damage…

The attack speed in his CP for isn’t higher. Sure, he can unlock his passive with 6 crystal bits, but then there is no boots, also he is now a early-mid game hero (CP), so I don’t see anything wrong with him being powerful in the early game.

His attackspeed is more reliable because he doesn’t need melee contact to hit. Making it appear that his attackspeed is better…

It used to be 5, when it was 100 CP/WP to unlock. they nerfed it to 120 a few updates back (I can’t remember which one exactly) cause people were hitting it too early (also with the buff of FB both that item and SSw alone would activate their respective passives).

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Both of those are kind of a waste on him so it doesn’t matter.

Well true but still… it gets you to the perk quick, so it’s technically viable

Yeah you get your perk a bit earlier but you don’t spike that hard. If you get SB or SG you get major power spike that can’t be ignored and also is better throughout the entire game.

What does SB stands for? I got confused :v

Sorrowblade 3030303030330303003030


A good WP Idris can outclass CP easily. CP is not that good unless fed and the only time hybrid works is by using Spellsword + WP infusion.