Countering WP Grumpjaw (sorta)

I’ve been playing gj since I got early access and now people have realized it’s broken so I guess it’s gonna be nerfed nuuuUUUUUUUU

Anyway, straight to the point.
So, best ways to counter him:

DO NOT engage in ANY fights early on.
DO. NOT. ENGAGE. Only try to poke him from afar if possible.

If he’s a laner, freeze lane and since he’ll have to come dangerously close to your turret to farm, and that will make him very susceptible to ganks.
If he’s a jungler, please maintain vision. PLEASE.
As soon as you see him coming in or near your brush, BACK OFF.
Don’t think to yourself that " hey np, I still have my flask I should be fine…"
NO. You’re not fine. His A slows you by quite a bit, and A+B is enough to kill a Celeste, Vox, Ringo and other squishes with just a TB.

Basically, the point of all this is survive till late game.
He sucks in teamfights. If he can’t get a snowball on you and get a huge lead early on, you’ve basically won.

During the late game phase, when everyone is fighting around the dragons or in the mid lane, grumpjaw loses his stacks really quick, and if focused by 3 people , he’ll die before he even finishes his A animation. And since he needs to dive using his A to deal damage, many a times, he ends up being a frontliner for the enemy team.
He’s sorta like koshka, he falls off late game, and can only stay relevant because of his ult.

I was 13/0 in a match and then when we reached the teamfight phase, the enemy knew exactly whom to focus. My teammates were like 4/7 and 0/4 so once I died we would lose a turret or the enemy would get the dragons since my team would just back off from a lost teamfight. (Atleast we didn’t get aced so that’s good)
I ended up going 16/3 and we managed to win, but that was only because my team was at full build, while the enemy wasn’t, and the enemy didn’t stick together and kept being caught out (or I would’ve tilted hard and created a salty rant about how bad my teammates are).

So basically, starve him out till late game, then blow him to smithereens.

tho a smart player will just splitpush late game, good luck dealing with that.

Also @idmonfish , didn’t they mention in the patch notes that his ult isn’t affected by cc anymore?
I recall a few instances where he was stunned and then he spit out the hero. Is this a known bug?

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It’s like this with most junglers. a lot of them can snowball your butt early. krul,glaive,riem,rona,koshka etc etc.

CancerJaw has diamond skin living armor again. Cmon Semc get it in the middle! Basically, he’s an unstoppable tank because he can regain stacks so fast, and retain stacks for long. He has stupid base wp, and his B gives him even more. If there’s a way to remove stacks, maybe like a combo of dot and raw damage, it can break him.

Just play Varya or Skye and learn to reflex block.

do not help people learn how to counter grumpjaw >:(

(good captains vs him are flicker and fortress)
(if you are a poke cp hero by spellfire to use the dot against his living armour)

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Skye, understandable, but once varya uses her 2 dashes she’s kinda dead if she stays around for too long.

Late game Varya will out burst Grump Jaw, provided you can block his ult.