Countering Lifesteal as Captain

So I just got rekt by BF with a lifesteal build. I main Captain and I was just wondering how to improve.
Lifesteal always messes me up! (Krul, Saw, Reim, or BF) My question is, as a captain, how do I counter LS and support my team? I’m a low tier and want to get better, please help.

hmm you can’t really counter lifesteal, but you can counter if they are able to get it quick enough.

Against your wp melees like krul and bf, atlas is your friend. This will slow their aa so they can’t heal or attack as fast.

Another option is pulse wave. The slow aoe could help your engage/disengage long enough.

Good luck dude


Any tips for landing Atlas? With the slippery heroes it’s especially hard to hit them. Is it just positioning or is there a trick to it? Also when in a team fight is best to use it? I really want to work on captain as well.

You don’t really counter life steal as support. Of course there is Shiv and Spellfire but it’s better if you don’t get them. It’s more about the hero itself that you can counter. For example get CC-heavy roams against Krul. Churnwalker, Lance, Cath. Atlas against SAW etc.

If you have hero like Ardan you can activate it and then use B and it will usually land. What heroes do you have in mind?

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Any of them, really. I’m trying to round out Roams as a whole not one or two specifically. I do tend to meme Grace in Blitz or pick her as my “everyone instalocked and I’m stuck with Captain” but that doesn’t really count.

No no, I meant which heroes are you having trouble against. Atlas isn’t exactly very strong so many times you won’t even need it.

Oh my bad. Anyone who can jump on you and AA to death, halve your health then blink away, or delete your from 10 meters away. Basically any of them.

You don’t always need Atlas anymore though. Even against SAW you might not need it. It depends. Sometimes other items are enough or even better. Sometimes you really need an Atlas. For landing it best way is what I told you about Ardan, Grace, Fortress, kinda Lance. But still make sure it’s the attack speed that’s the problem. Because Atlas doesn’t really give good stats for a roam item.

Yeah I know it’s situation like pretty much every item, but I have trouble using it right when I do need to buy it. I don’t use it often so I’m not very good with it. It’s like every player with Nullwave lol

Like nullwave it’s about timing and using cc to secure the effects if possible. You pretty much use it ahead of the moment when an enemy is going to go on an aa spree, like when wp saw uses his b, krul goes in with a, or whatever, and utilize cc either before or after to make sure that the enemy is hit by the effects. The benefit of using cc with your items like atlas is that without it, you’re relying on your enemy making a mistake more than you using the item right. having no cc in place and just trying to use the items by themselves usually doesn’t work out well if your enemy is skilled.

Adding to all this, it’s best used on captains with gap closers; think Lyra ult, Ardan A, Grace A. Also captains with cc like Phinn ult, Cath A.

If you’re against players who can block atlases effectively, consider popping it before you dash to the enemy - for example, atlas, Grace A onto the target. The effect applies slightly after the animation so this is useful.

Atlas if more for melee divers like Rona and Glaive right? Against their fast attacking enemies…

I usually go the Spellfire route if I’m playing Grace, Phinn, Adagio or Lyra, all of their AoE ability can inflict Mortal Wound. With support heroes like Catherine, Ardan, Lance or Lorelai, it’s better to use Atlas or just zone them out. You could get Spellfire for those heroes, but not til mid-late game. If you are playing against burst lifesteal heroes like Koska or Reza, I recommend spamming “Buy Defence Items” on your teammates.

I usually wouldn’t go Atlas against Glaive as he’s burst doesn’t have much attack speed usually and doesn’t rely on it. Rona is pretty bad right now so I don’t know. Depends on her build. I’d mostly get Atlas against Ringo. He melts armor and even MJ.

Just dont give them free damage (especially from AoE attacks). This goes to all roamers actually. Dont give the enemy unnecessary BP or DE stacks by being in their range without doing anything (basically getting punished for making slow decisions). Try to avoid AoE attacks because those will also give them free BP stacks and lifesteal.

Like against a reim or rona, standing in their AoE attacks and letting them hit multiple heroes gives them incredible sustain and damage. They will get free lifesteal, BP/DE stacks, and fortified health, making them almost unkillable for that period.

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I wrote on Glaive. As a Glaive user…

Oh you meant using them not against. My bad. I don’t get atlas based on what I’m playing but based on what I’m facing. Well except for Phinn for example as he usually doesn’t atlas lol.

Against life steal , your team need to out sustain enemy or burst them down , so I think the best counter is killing them before they kill you .

@thace if you are in soloq with aggressive teammates going in with you , you can follow what the guys said about activating atlas then dash to enemy , but if you are with passive teammates or good enemies the better way is waiting enemy diving in and atlas them while they diving in that way you force them to disengage or your team attack them and kill them .

And mostly in soloq the second choice always works because you get passive teammates or good enemies all the time .

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I like this approach. “Wait for them to dive in,” that’s a great strategy.

Your best bet would be to peel the lifestealer (aka Krul, BF, Glaive…etc.) away from your carry. Let them focus on you while your carry takes him or the enemy carry down. Using CC to keep them off your carry or Atlas them. This is best played with a well positioned carry.

Let’s say your Ardan playing against a Krul. You have minimal CC yet you have advantages. Having movement speed is an advantage when getting Krul to focus you especially if your boots are a tier above his. Having Shiversteal using B to lock in shiversteal quickly and A on yourself or you carry after shiversteal proc ends to further slow him down will null any gank attempted against the Krul. And if he continues after your B & A combo then use atlas if available. With a good positioned carry Krul will run with a disadvantage to his team or be dead.