Could there still be hope?

Although many orgs are unfortunately leaving, could there still be hope for them to return to VG? I mean, a big reason for these orgs leaving is probably the brutal off season we have had which should shortly be over with now that the challenger series is coming back. Once the esports scene picks back up could all of these orgs come back, probably generating lots of hype? Maybe that’s the motive here :thinking:

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These events are very bleak, but I want to try to stay optimistic for the future of VG. SEMC still has quite a bit of work to do to really make VG feel more rewarding progression-wise, but I definitely think this game can survive this drought.


Most of the orgs (except C9) have cited the end of the “franchise program” (in which essentially they were paid by SEMC to participate in Vainglory’s esports scene) as the reason they’re leaving. That suggests to me that the prize pool in VG is waaaaaaay too small to justify staying.

Unless that changes, I don’t see them coming back.


So what you’re saying is that SEMC has another reason to spend money on something other than fixing their game?
Considering how dedicated they are to their e-sports, it’s pretty much guaranteed they’ll try to pump money into their competitive scene, but I fear for the actual game.

No major orgs left and PlayoffBeard gone. But they have signed with Razor and a Vegas production company. Something is weird.


Not saying that at all. That’s what they WERE doing, but they’re not able/willing to continue to do that. And for whatever reason, the orgs haven’t been able to attract sponsors to make up the difference now that they’re not subsidized.

I have always felt that they dedicated way too much time, money, and personnel to esports when those resources should have been directed toward improving the core game. My feeling is that as the game continued to improve, esports interest would naturally grow – BECAUSE IT HAD BECOME A GREAT GAME. I think they jumped the shark by getting so heavily into esports when they did. It worked out pretty well for a while – apparently because they were paying people to play the game – but now things appear to be coming crashing down.


Yeah, I don’t understand exactly what’s going on. It definitely doesn’t look good that there’s been nothing from FooJee, either.

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That money would have gone into marketing / advertising either way. SEMC probably assumed they would get a better rate of investment by signing e-sports organizations, which already have a following consisting of Vainglory’s precise target group.
Not even such a bad move, in my books… it just never garnered the attention required to really take off.

I’m a bit confused what’s supposed to happen next, though.

I think we get organic VG only teams like Ardent Alliance and Halcyon Hammers from back in the day. They are basically going to have to re-build from scratch. The players are still here with older ones like Cull returning.

Gankstars leaving was a bigger shock to me than C9.

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This cracked me up …


'sounds good to me, from a viewer’s perspective - I just don’t see how that would be sustainable for the “pros”. Without the financial backing of an e-sports org to keep them going, well…
Scoring sponsorship deals and the like is even more of an issue that way.

We may see more amateurs competing, and while I like that as a matter of principle, one does have to wonder who will be paying for the plane tickets. :man_pilot:

VG is basically taking a huge step backwards to when things were still just kicking off. I guess you could call it the 2nd beginning, with 5V5 this time. Sometimes going backwards is the only way to move forward.

Only time will tell if these changes will be positive or negative

— IraqiZorro (@ElDonIraqiZorro) April 2, 2018

IraqiZorro seems to have a more positive outlook.

I like what he said there lol

I dont think thats positive , doing something you did before and you struggled doing it is bad , you could just continue and make it grow as an esports instead of building it again .

I think semc changed their mind about esports and they going to let it happen while focusing on ads .

Thats why i said in the closed forum that vg is focusing on casuals and they closed the forum because its full of competitive players and they wont like the vg new path which means too much drama threads .

Seeing the esports orgs leaving is something support the new vg for casuals .

Let’s Esports die it was never that good to other games


FlashX gives his opinion. I think this is a really sound way to view things.

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I think we will have more home grown vg esports rising. A lot of those team came into vg because they were payed and now they are leaving which leaves a void. That void is probs gonna be filled with a lot of good vg players just waiting to have their own shot at the title. I honestly can’t wait to see who will have the balls to step up to the plate and fight.

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I believe that’s SEMC’s goal. (As usual, though, we are all guessing, because they apparently are incapable of actual, you know, communication.)

Save for maybe… Reddit. :man_shrugging: