Could SAW be any more toxic?

I heavily dislike SAW’s playstyle. Unless his enemy team is extremely coordinated and always bullies him out of lane somehow, then he just mindlessly pushes turrets and wins with little to no effort while killing anyone who dates and tries to stop him. He feels TOO simple to be as rewarding as he is rn.

Mowing down side lanes since 1890

Try cp saw…

Not to be that guy, but it takes skill to stand still and keep attacking enemies.

Knowing when to attack and when to run is essential in Saw and 90% of WP saw players fail in that regard.


Wait Xaldy do you main SAW?
Frickin’ hell for 30 char

No I do not. I can play him and I recognize a good saw when I see one. I didn’t mind to play captain for a good saw in 3v3.

Saw reim/kestrel phinn back in the good old days.

Mine was CP SAW Glaive WP and Catherine/Ardan/Lyra. Them good old days mate when Baron wasn’t a thing and BP and BM still ruled the Fold
Ps just checked ur info. Guess I have to call u sir now

I was the Phinn or Reim haha.
Saw is one of my last purchased heroes. Out of the 37 he was 31 for me…

Mine was like the first. My mate told me to main him at first and I was like, oh, a guy with a machine gun. Looks cool. Let’s test him out. Now I’m the best SAW in my school though hahahahha

Play Celeste or cp Vox and just watch out for roadie run…

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