Cosplay for Other Games

As some of you may have guessed, I’m a big fan of the dedicated group of fans who cosplay their favorite characters from various games, films, anime, &c. To continue my series of #cosplay threads, I’ve started this one so folks can enjoy some of the best cosplay from games not named “Vainglory” :wink:

This first post (as well as all the replies) are wikis, meaning that in addition to posting replies with new characters, you are welcome to add your own images of the existing characters! If you add a new character, please be sure to edit this first post to add their name and a link to your post so people can find it more easily!


Arena of Valor


League of Legends

World of Warcraft

Persona 5


ANNETTE [Arena of Valor]

JAINA PROUDMOORE [World of Warcraft]

JINX [League of Legends]

AHRI [League of Legends]

KAI’SA [League of Legends]

KATARINA [League of Legends]

MERCY [Overwatch]

RIVEN [League of Legends]

D.VA [Overwatch]

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LILIANA [Arena of Valor]

MISS FORTUNE [League of Legends]

IRELIA [League of Legends]

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TRACER [Overwatch]

ZOE [League of Legends]

EVELYN [League of Legends]

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AKALI [League of Legends]

BRIGITTE [Overwatch]

GORO AKECHI [Persona 5] Squeakadeeks

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JOKER [Persona 5] Squeakadeeks